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How to Use Stripe Payment Services in Dubai

Despite exponential growth in internet businesses, only about three percent of global commerce happens online today. Administrative barriers, such as regulatory complexity, extremely complicated and tedious global financial system, and a shortage of engineers, constrain online commerce. Removing such barriers can help new businesses get started quickly, expedite growth for existing companies, and increase trade globally.

Stripe is an online payment processing and credit card processing platform that is helping internet companies overcome these complexities to focus on accelerating business growth. It allows safe and efficient processing of funds via bank or credit card and transfers those funds from the buyer to the seller’s account.

From start-ups and SMEs to the most significant public companies, millions of businesses of every size use Stripe software to accept payments, make payouts, and manage the financial side of their online businesses. Let us understand how companies in Dubai can use Stripe payment services to start, run, and scale their businesses.

Stripe Payment Services in Dubai

  • Dubai is a thriving business hub for technology. It has a substantial investor presence, internet-savvy consumers, and an innovative ecosystem of entrepreneurs. Until now, accepting online payments required strenuous in-person onboarding processes that take significant time and investment for businesses to complete the transaction. But with the launch of Stripe’s secure global payments infrastructure and fast online setup, it has become simpler for Dubai companies to access the internet economy. It is now far more accessible for companies to set up and run their businesses online.
  • Stripe provides Dubai-based businesses with the infrastructure they need to better connect with customers worldwide and trade internationally. 
  • Stripe helps Businesses operating online in Dubai to make their products and services available in the region and seamlessly expand their operations to other leading markets. They can use Stripe to handle their financial transactions online, mitigate fraud, and expand globally. 
  • Stripe’s new fintech vertical, iOL Pay, is a powerful payments platform as a service for global businesses that ensures the highest levels of security and compliance. It has revolutionised payments in the hospitality industry by automating cumbersome manual processes and creating more revenue for business users.

How Can Stripe Payment Services Help?

  • Ecommerce: Stripe helps unify online and in-person payments.
  • SaaS: Stripe helps manage recurring billing and subscriptions.
  • Marketplaces: Stripe helps businesses make payouts globally and facilitate multiparty payments.
  • Platforms: Stripe lets customers accept payments within the business’s platform.
  • Creator Economy: Stripe enables on-platform payments and pays creators globally.

How to Use Stripe Payment Services in Dubai?

  1. Payments: Build a web or mobile integration to accept payments online or in person.
  • Direct online payments, invoicing, billing, subscriptions, and recurring payments
  • In-person and omnichannel payments
  • Multiparty payments
  • Payments for platforms and marketplaces
  1. Business Operations: Automatically or manually monitor, protect, and report on the money you make with Stripe. 
  • Accounting automation
  • Prevent and handle disputes
  • Generate custom reports
  • Identity verification
  • Fraud and risk management
  • Automatic tax calculation
  1. Financial Services: Move, control, and borrow money with Stripe’s APIs and financial services. 
  • Issue cards instantly
  • Corporate card / Spend management
  • Business financing

3 Easy Steps to Get Started with Stripe for your Business:

  1. Account Setup: Activate, manage, and configure your account. Stripe provides support, training, and mentorship to help you get started quickly. The experienced team will take you through two weeks of an in-depth onboarding process. Stripe’s hands-on classes led by internal and external experts will help you learn by doing.
  2. Developer Tools: Manage your account with libraries, keys, and integration tools.
  3. Security: Strengthen your integration security and protect your sensitive data. 


If you are a business with a large payments volume or unique business model, contact our team at Creative Zone to discuss alternative options for using Stripe Payment Services in Dubai. Our technology experts can guide you through the step-by-step process and help you set up a Stripe account for your business. Please call us at +971 4 567 7333 or 800 LICENSE (5423673) to speak to one of our consultants today.

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