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Launched in 2007, Fujairah Creative City caters predominantly to media, consulting, marketing, events, music, and design business activities. Creative City has a total area of 40,000 sq.m. with a wide array of media clusters dedicated to professionals or freelancers specialising in different fields of media. Over the years, Creative City has evolved into a go-to zone for entrepreneurs and business setup consultants in Fujairah. They enjoy easy company incorporation paired with affordable Fujairah Creative City license costs.

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Advantages of Setting Up Business
in Fujairah Creative City

Easy Incorporation

Fujairah Creative City is renowned for its hassle-free Fujairah Freezone company setup. Entrepreneurs and investors benefit from minimal requirements, including no demands for share capital or ownership details. Creative City does not also require you for an annual audit and bookkeeping.

No Office Requirement

Fujairah Creative City Free Zone allows entrepreneurs to commence business without taking any physical office space. The free zone boasts various freelancer and single-owner packages, providing entrepreneurs with a fast and easy way to start their business activities.

Multiple Visa Application

To commence business faster, the Government of Fujairah is allowing entrepreneurs to apply for multiple visas without the need of having to lease a physical store. Without a physical space, Creative City allows entrepreneurs to sign up for a flexi-desk space service.

Complete Capital Repatriation

FCC Free Zone allows business owners to take back the capital invested and the profits earned throughout the business cycle. This gives assurance to entrepreneurs that they do not have to worry about any losses.

Cost of Setting Up a Company
with Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

The price for setting up an Fujairah Creative City Free Zone Company starts from AED 10,000.
The price would differ based on the business activities, number of shareholders, office space requirements, and other factors.

Companies with Office Space

New License

(up to 10 visas available)

Baby Business

New License

(up to 6 visas available)

Freelancer Company

New License

(up to 1 visas available)


New License

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Explore Monthly
Payment Plans

with Selected Banks

Looking to ease the Fujairah Creative City license cost? Convert your transactions into easy and affordable monthly instalments with our distinguished range of banking partners. For those seeking company formation in Fujairah, this offers an added financial flexibility. Spend a minimum of AED 1,000 on your credit card issued by any of our associated banks and spread the cost over an extended 12-month period.


*General terms and conditions from the banks will be applicable.

Types of Licenses Offered
in Fujairah Creative City

These are the three (3) types of licenses offered in Fujairah Creative City.

Trading License

Business activities that involve buying and selling of goods.

Services License

Business activities such as business and management consulting, accounting, real estate consultancy, human resources, technical services, and other professional services relied on human’s skills, ability, and talent.

Industrial License

Business activities related to the production and transformation of natural resources into finished goods.

Requirements for Setting Up Business in
Fujairah Creative City

New Companies

Company Renewal

Additional Documents
Required for a Branch Office

Types of Business Structures in Fujairah Creative City

Steps in Setting Up
a Company in Fujairah Creative City


Determine Business Activity for Trade License

Fujairah Creative City is not just a media hub destination; its vast range of business activities goes beyond media, making it an ideal spot for company formation in Fujairah. It’s crucial to be meticulous in determining the type of your business activity, especially given the different requirements for each.

As prominent business setup consultants in Fujairah, we advise potential entrepreneurs on selecting the right activity, ensuring a smooth process of Fujairah Free Zone company setup.


Choose Company’s Business Structure

The foundation of your business lies in the structure you choose. The business structure will dictate the shareholders and the type of partners essential for your enterprise. Fujairah Creative City offers 4 distinct legal business structures to cater to a variety of business needs. Our business setup consultants in Fujairah can guide you through these options, ensuring your company aligns with your vision and objectives.


Complete Paperwork

Embarking on the journey of company formation in Fujairah requires careful documentation. At Creative Zone, we simplify the process for you. Armed with a comprehensive checklist, you’ll be well-prepared. After settling on a business activity and structure, our seasoned team will assist you in finalizing all essential paperwork. This includes submission requirements like visa and passport copies, among others, ensuring a transparent Fujairah Creative City license cost and streamlined setup process.

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