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Set Up Your

Offshore Company

in the RAK ICC, JAFZA, or Ajman Free Zone

Besides mainland and free zone companies, entrepreneurs also have the option to set up offshore companies in the UAE. Offshore businesses are registered in the UAE while carrying on operations outside the country. They are limited liability companies, which means their finances are well protected.

An offshore company is typically used for international trading, shipping, patents, international consulting, owning real estate, registering copyrights, or as holding companies. Within the UAE, there are three main territories where most choose to form offshore companies. These are Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre (RAK ICC), Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), and Ajman Free Zone (AFZ).

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Advantages of Setting Up Your
Offshore Company


Offshore companies aren’t required to publish any financial information, or share their directors’ & shareholders’ personal details on public records. There is also no requirement for offshore businesses to be audited.

Fewer Liabilities

With an offshore company, there’s assurance that its possessions and assets are protected in the case of any legal pursuits. They also enable asset protection for investors, creating a legal wall between the company’s resources and any third parties.

Avenue to International Expansion

Forming an offshore company that has a UAE-based address will immediately create credibility for a business, opening new opportunities for international partnerships and activities. At the same time it’ll allow you to open a UAE bank account, which gives you unparalleled access to multiple currencies and global transactions.

Tax Incentives

In 2023, the UAE implemented a corporate tax rate of 9%. However, offshore companies, as they are not eligible to operate their businesses within the country, are exempt from this tax.

Set Up an Offshore Company

Depending on your business needs, you may choose to set up an offshore
company from one of these three options:



Ajman Free Zone

Jebel Ali Free
Zone (JAFZA)

JAFZA companies include logistics, electronics, automotive, food & agriculture, and e-commerce, among others. It attracts close to 25% of Dubai’s foreign direct investments and offers these benefits:


Types of Offshore Companies

Unlike mainland and free zone companies which offer business licenses, offshore companies are given certifications to operate UAE-based firms instead. This is because an offshore company in the UAE is not technically allowed to operate within the country, so they do not get issued licenses.

Depending on your business needs or activities, here are the company types or activities for an offshore company:



International Trade

Holding Companies

Property Owning

Registration of
Copyrights & Patents

International Consulting

Requirements for Setting Up an
Offshore Company in JAFZA

The requirements to set up an offshore business depends on where and how it’ll be formed.

Cost of Setting Up an
Offshore Company in Jafza

The price for offshore company formation in the UAE depends on the chosen option.
This rate will also differ based on the business activities, number of shareholders, office space requirements, and other factors.

The cost of setting up an offshore company in JAFZA may differ, but the average fee is at around AED 18,000

Receive an estimate of your offshore company formation cost.

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Steps in Setting Up Your Offshore Company

Creative Zone offers comprehensive guidance and support throughout the process, simplifying the intricate steps of establishing an offshore company in JAFZA.


Determine your company name & activities

The first step is to choose your offshore Jebel Ali Free Zone company activities and a name that fits your company and is neither offensive nor religiously or politically sensitive.


Select a registered agent

Offshore companies in JAFZA are required to work with registered agents, who will handle communication and administrative work related to the coordination with the JAFZA authority.


Prepare the MOA & AOA

The Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) hold significant importance as they undergo thorough examination and verification by the authorities at JAFZA. It is essential to note that these documents must be presented in English.


Submit the relevant documents

Alongside the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA), prepare the needed documentation and submit these for license approval.


Open Your Corporate Bank Account

Once the above steps are completed, proceed to open a UAE bank account to smoothly initiate your corporate business transactions.

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