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At Creative Zone, we understand the legal challenges and complexities that might come along your business journey. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to provide our clients the simplest and most effective legal solutions for their business.

We’re proud to partner with Hamdan AlShamsi Lawyers & Legal Consultants, whose team of expert lawyers have an extensive knowledge and experience in areas, including corporate governance, finance, employment, litigation, and more. By working hand-in-hand, we’ll be able to provide our most comprehensive suite of legal services for businesses of all sizes.

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Our Services



Partnerships and Severance Agreements
Employee Benefit Plans
Contracts of Employment Which Includes Negotiations, Drafting, and Termination
Employee Compensation Plans
Drafting Organization Guidelines and Policies
Implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Requirement
Applications for Reorganization or Reduction of Employees or Downsizing
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Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

Managing Funding Arrangements (Traditional Loans, Sharia Products, Alternative Lending Arrangements, and Fintech)
Corporate Finance
Project Finance
Restructuring Finance
Compliance with Central Bank
Islamic Finance
Investments (Real Estate, Banking, Stocks, etc.)
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Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Insolvency & Bankruptcy

Protective Composition Proceedings
Court-Ordered Restructuring Petitions
Voluntary Liquidations
Debtor and Creditor Bankruptcy Petitions.
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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Trademark Prosecution
Labeling Compliance
Enforcement and Litigation
Domain Names
Consumer Protection
Patents and Designs (Research and development and Innovations)
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Family & Inheritance

Family & Inheritance

Custody Disputes
Financial Restitution and Support
Divorce and Separation Cases
Prenuptial Agreements
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DIFC Court & International Arbitration

DIFC Court & International Arbitration

The DIFC Court is an independent legal system located in the Dubai International Financial Center. It follows the common law system and resolves civil and commercial disputes on a national, regional, and international scale.

The court’s jurisdiction includes all disputes and claims related to the DIFC and its operations, and any other claims that parties agree to submit to the DIFC Courts in writing. The DIFC Court has three types of courts: the
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Legal Support Packages

Basic Package
Basic Package
Basic Package

Secure Your Business’ Interests

We built our mission on the idea that every business deserves a world-class legal service. Having a secure legal safety net for your firm will enable you to carry out operations with peace of mind, knowing that you have a dedicated, experienced legal team to provide you with the best service. We do not believe in hourly billing; in fact, we consider the principle of billing by the hour exploitative and inefficient for new businesses. To ensure the effectiveness of your legal deliverables, we provide our services on a project or retainer basis, enabling your business to grow without unnecessary obstacles.

Four Pillars of Our Legal Services


Before giving any legal advice, we ensure that we analyze every step and anticipate any consequences of the legal decision that may affect our client.


As a trusted business partner, we adapt to the latest technology in our workflow process to achieve optimal efficiency and ensure smooth operation.


We work closely with our clients to define their long-term or short-term goals. That’s why we involve them in every step of the legal process, to help them understand how it will benefit their business.


Over the years, we have established strong relationships with governmental authorities, entities, and various e-legal platforms. This has guide us with the legal amendments and modifications to ensure our client’s success.

About the Team

Since 2011, Hamdan AlShamsi Lawyers & Legal Consultants has been providing unparalleled legal service in areas including Litigation, Commercial Drafting, Corporate Structuring, Corporate Governance, Finance, Employment, and Intellectual Property. The team’s main goal is to provide a transparent and cost-effective legal solution which every business can count on.

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