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Sharjah Media City Free Zone

Established in 2017, Shams Free Zone is known to be one of the youngest, yet, most-sought after Free Zone locations in the UAE. It is known as home to all the media and production enthusiasts across the UAE.

SHAMS is located in Sharjah, an emirate just 30 minutes east of Dubai. It is bordered by 6 of the 7 emirates that make up the UAE. Shams was first established as a hub for media and creative business and has now expanded its range of business in services, consultancy, and trading.

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Advantages of Setting Up a Business
in Sharjah Media City Free Zone

Easy Business Setup Process

The company formation process in Shams is quick and hassle-free. You can get Creative Zone as your company setup consultant and facilitate for a full remote business setup and get a trade license within a couple of days.

Cost Efficient

One of the most appealing features of setting up a company in Shams is its inexpensive rate. For as low as AED 5,750, you can already establish a company that comes with benefits including 0% corporate and personal taxes, and 100% repatriation of capital and profits.

Flexible Business Trade Licenses

Shams offers 4 types of business licenses that can cater to various company activities. This gives more options for entrepreneurs to choose or add from any of the wide variety of business activities from a single license.

Strong Social Media Presence

Shams is not limited to media activities, but Sharjah Media City targets individuals who specialize in media. This aligns with the Free Zone’s commitment to enhancing and adding value to the media sector, specifically in Sharjah.

Extended Customer Support

The business relationship between Shams and its clients does not end after a company successfully opens in the Free Zone. It extends support by featuring them on various online platforms including social media, and websites to gain more exposure.

Flexible Visa Packages

For the shared desk facility, entrepreneurs can apply for up to 6 visas for their employees. Shams’ visas will also allow their holders to sponsor family members and dependents.

Cost of Setting Up a Company
with Shams Free Zone

The price for setting up a company in Sharjah Media City Free Zone starts from just AED 5,750.

The price would differ based on the business activities, number of shareholders, office space requirements, and other factors.

To get an estimate of your business, use our

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Payment Plans

with Selected Banks

Convert your transactions into easy and affordable monthly instalments with our selected range of banking partners. Spend a minimum of AED 1,000 on your credit card issued from any of our participating banks and repay in easy instalments over a period of 12 months.


Types of Licenses Offered
in Sharjah Media City Free Zone

These four (4) types of licenses are offered in Shams City Free Zone:

Trading License

Allow importing and exporting of goods within Shams Free Zone. This also includes selling of wholesale and retail goods, and other related services.

Industrial License

Allow business activities related to the production and transformation of natural resources into finished goods.

Service License

Allow services provided by professionals reliant on their skills, talent, and ability.

Holding License

Enable standalone or stakes in other companies. It is important to note that you need a holding company for controlling other companies and properties including real estate and other assets.

Requirements for Obtaining a
a Shams Free Zone License

DocumentsLLC (Individual Shareholder)LLC (Corporate Shareholder)Branch
Certificate Of Incorporation
Memorandum & Articles of Association (MoA and AoA)
Board resolution to establish a new company
Board resolution to establish a new branch
Certificate of good standing, valid trade license
Board resolution giving signatory authorisation or Power of attorney for the third party
Passport copy of the individual shareholder
Passport copy of director, Company Secretary
Passport copy and UAE visa of General Manager

Steps in Setting Up a Business in
Sharjah Media City Free Zone

Setting up a business can be a little complex, but Creative Zone will help you through these steps in establishing your company to minimise time and expenses.


Choose Company Name

One of the most important things to learn before choosing a company name is to avoid any offensive or blasphemous language. Choosing at least 3 company names would also be helpful in order to avoid delays if that name is already taken by other companies.


Choose Business Type

Creative Zone can help you by giving assistance and advice on what type of business activities and company setup are suited for your company. You can combine up to 3 business activities under one license.


Submit Application

All details including business activities, name and supporting documents to be submitted to the Creative Zone representative who would complete the process for you and ensures a hassle-free experience.


Make Payment

The last step in registering a business in Shams is paying for the required fees. Once paid you will receive a payment confirmation and license processing timeline. Usually it takes within a week to get the free zone trade license issued.

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