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Market Direct Payments is a company founded with a fundamentally different way of managing your international payments. Whether you are an individual looking to purchase a house or investment abroad, a multinational corporation looking to hedge your treasury or anyone in between, MDP has been set up by traders and financiers from the banking and futures and options. We have the expertise to serve all our clients in a sophisticated financial manner.

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Features At a Glance

Named Customer Accounts

Unique multi-currency accounts in our customer’s name. Receive, convert, and payout funds from anyone to anyone.

Flexible Receivables and Payments

Receive and send funds in over 30 currencies internationally and 17 currencies locally via SWIFT.  

Reduce Costs by Automating

All funds are automatically screened and reconciled removing manual processes, saving time and money.

Control the Experience

The control ability is in your hands. Our technology works seamlessly in the background.

Benefits of Using
Markets Direct Payments

Grow and differentiate your business

The world is becoming a smaller place; our customers are trading more globally and want the same level of service internationally and domestically. We give our customers the ability to receive, convert, and payout funds in 30+ currencies using unique details allowing you to differentiate, win market, and grow your business.

Improving our customer experience and becoming the partner of choice

Our customers are used to a great experience in domestic transactions, so why not do the same at the international level? With Spark, our customers can receive and payout funds in different currencies using unique account details in their name. Payment fees and rates are clear and transparent, so your customers know what to expect.

One integration for clearing, FX, and payments

All funds are automatically screened and reconciled – no longer long manual processes, helping remove costs and errors.

How it Works


Raise an Invoice

Our client wants to invoice their customers in Dollars (USD), but their customers want to pay in Pounds. (GBP).


Get a Named Account

We provide your client with a unique, name GBP account via MDP Spark.


Send Account Details

Your client passes these account details to their customer who pays GBP into your clients unique GBP account.


Receive Payment

Within hours, the payment is received, converted into USD and our client receives a payment from MDP Spark in Dollars.


Easy Reconciliation

The balance reconciles with the invoice and it’s a win-win for everyone!

About Markets Direct Payments

Alongside the experience and the ability to interpret the global financial markets with MDP, you will also have the latest payment technology to give you a cutting edge over your competition to make sure you minimize risk and maximize profits.

Our lengthy experience in voice broking and dealing within every corner of the financial world means we can understand all the nuances of the foreign exchange market and translate that into more profit for our clients.

Office 105, 1st Floor, Emaar Square, Building 4, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai UAE

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