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Why is it best to start a Tech Firm in Dubai?

Dreaming of starting your own tech firm? Looking for the right location? Welcome to Dubai! Dubai is one of the most technologically-developed city in the MENA region, and therefore, it has emerged as a major international hub for technology start-ups in the world. With the existence of a favorable ecosystem that supports and promotes technology start-ups and foreign investors, it is best to start a tech firm in Dubai.

15 Compelling Reasons to Start a Tech Firm in Dubai

  • No Corporate Taxes: The lack of corporate taxes is the main reason why you should start an IT company in Dubai.
  • Incentives: The Dubai government offers several incentives to the IT industry which benefit tech firms.
  • Simple Company Registration Process: It does not take long to set up an IT company in Dubai. The incorporation process is quite simple, and it is easy to meet all the requirements.
  • Multiple Business Activities: An IT company can undertake several business activities, including e-commerce, IT consulting, software development, and technology product sales in free zones.
  • Supportive Government: The IT industry enjoys good support from the Dubai government which encourages foreign investors to start a business here.
  • Dedicated Free Zones: The Dubai government has developed free zones dedicated to IT companies, such as Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, and Dubai Silicon Oasis.. Dubai Silicon Oasis, which is considered as the UAE’s ‘Silicon Valley’, offers impressive business conditions, office spaces, and advanced technological facilities.
  • Full Company Ownership: As a foreign citizen, you can fully own the company if you set up your IT company in a Dubai free zone.
  • Tax Exemption on Repatriation of Profits: Dubai government allows tax-free repatriation of profits if you establish your company in a Dubai Free Zone.
  • Access to Talent Pool: Foreign investors have access to a large pool of talented workers that have settled in Dubai from all around the world.
  • Most Advanced Infrastructure: Dubai has built one of the most advanced infrastructures, including internet and web services in the region that adequately supports all kinds of business activities.
  • Reach to Global Markets: Dubai offers access to international markets and the opportunity to serve customers all over the world.
  • Trust Factor: The business environment in Dubai is considered safe, and therefore it enjoys the trust of the global community.
  • Highest Levels of Technology Adoption: Dubai has one of the highest levels of information and communication technology adoption by the city’s population.
  • Rapid Digitization Plans: According to a report published by the World Economic Forum, the Dubai government targets to service 90% of the daily needs of the population through digital services by 2021.
  • Implementation of Autonomous Transportation System: With the help of digital technology, Dubai’s municipality plans to implement an autonomous transportation system that will cover 12% of city trips by 2021.

Given the above reasons, it is best to start a new tech firm in Dubai now! With the help of business startup consultants like Creative Zone, you can establish your tech firm in Dubai in no time. Creative Zone is the largest company in Dubai for business setup and support services. Our company formation consultants can provide you all the details required to set up your company. Call 800 LICENSE (5423673) or fill out the online form to schedule a free consultation with one of our Business Setup Advisors today!

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