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Why is Dubai the Best Place to Live and Do Business?

Why is Dubai an Ideal Place for Doing Business?

  • Dubai is one of the most happening cities in the world that has grown exponentially over the last few decades
  • It is a leading commercial and business hub that attracts thousands of foreign entrepreneurs due to its investor-friendly environment and high rate of return on investments
  • Dubai’s strategic location and easy accessibility offer good connectivity to other key markets
  • The government has built a low tax regime that is highly favourable to foreign entrepreneurs
  • The government has been investing in mega projects for the development of the sophisticated infrastructure and hospitality sectors
  • The government is also rapidly implementing innovative technologies, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, to bring about digital transformation and make society more future-ready

Why is Dubai an Ideal Place for Quality Living?

  • Dubai is surrounded by impressive landforms, such as the serene deserts, beautiful mountains, impressive coastline, and spectacular oasis, that are a treat to the eyes!
  • Dubai has very conducive climatic conditions for most part of the year and a mild winter
  • The Dubai government has taken special measures to create favourable and comfortable living conditions for its residents
  • Each regulation enacted by the local authorities is inclined towards the protection of rights of residents and businessmen working in the Emirate. This builds confidence and a sense of security among residents
  • Dubai offers a tax-free and duty-free environment with ample employment opportunities for residents. This has enabled a growing cosmopolitan and expatriate population and increasing international tourist arrivals. With unmatched hospitality and guest services and unlimited attractions, Dubai has now become one of the top tourist destinations in the world
  • The Dubai government is also constructing new residential properties and integrated modern infrastructure for comfortable living conditions
  • Compared to other top cities of the world, Dubai offers a relatively reasonable and affordable cost of living
  • Dubai offers modern transportation and communication systems and a high level of education and healthcare services
  • Dubai offers excellent world class recreational and entertainment facilities that include luxurious hotels, restaurants, theme parks, shopping malls, luxury spas, adventure and water sports, golf courses, horse and motor racing, air shows, international exhibitions, music shows, and many other attractions
  • Dubai is hub also offering new opportunities in non-traditional areas and is being promoted as an education hub by attractive international universities, student study centres, and development of sports arenas

Dubai is now associated with a high standard of living and rapid business growth. With the Dubai government looking greatly into the interest of people of any nationality, it is increasingly attracting millions of people with varied qualifications and professions from around the world. No wonder that Dubai is recognized as an ideal place to live and do business for foreign nationals.

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