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When do you need to be CREATIVE in business

For some people, a business is simply a means to a living while for others it is an ongoing and all-consuming passion. Those who follow their entrepreneurial dreams know how important it is to set their company apart from the crowd. Rather than giving the impression that it is just another piece in a complete set of china, they ensure it stands out as a unique and must-have brand. So how do you do this? The answer is simple – make your business CREATIVE!

Let’s face it – there are hundreds of businesses selling a thousand similar products and services in the Dubai marketplace. This leaves you only one option, which is to follow the herd and sell the same thing right? Yes, but no. Even when you decide to do something as mundane or mainstream as the next business owner, you can give it your own spin in order to appeal to a specific market niche.

Choose your Product Carefully

Of more importance than deciding to whom you will sell your services or product to, is the question of what to sell. When planning to setup a business, you must focus on being creative – think out of the box and test your ideas with potential customers before launching. Visualize and craft a product that has high demand but low supply, or be creative with where you establish trading premises. To save some setup costs, consider launching an e-commerce business first. An online shop also allows you to test the waters of your local target market and grow a database.

Make your Business Stand Out

There are numerous ways you can enhance the successful launch of a new business venture in Dubai. Be CREATIVE, regardless of the type of service you are providing. Create a fabulous window dressing for your shop-front to attract passing traffic inside. Or use a catchy and thought provoking name for your business, one that is both modern and memorable. Your branding should reflect your decor and vise-versa. Choose a color scheme to enhance the ambience and attract your ‘ideal’ client. Feed a ‘need’ or answer a pain point. For example, if you are planning to open a family restaurant, it is absolutely essential that you provide a warm and homely environment, speedy service, value-for-money and hearty meals served up by cheerful and outgoing staff. If you know what your target market wants, you will receive great responses, return traffic and referral business. Above all, it is important to always deliver good quality no matter what product or service you are providing.

The Business Statement

Create a strong catch phrase that defines the business in one small sentence and encapsulates the culture and mission of the business. This business statement needs to succinctly convey to potential customers what you are providing and what sets you apart. Thoroughly research your competitors before finalizing your Business Statement.

Wrapping it Up

Over time, the traditional dynamics of business have changed and evolved to a level where you must know what you are doing in order to maximize profitability. Today, a business in Dubai is much more than simply an operation. A good business is one that identifies the need of the customer and then does its best to provide for that need with the aim of making a profit. As with most other things that are available for sale in the market, it is important to deliver the best quality to create customer loyalty. This will ensure that your customers keep coming back to you. All the branding, positioning and placement will mean nothing if you can’t generate repeat customers.

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