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Top 10 Amazing Facts on IT Startups in Dubai

If you dream of launching an IT venture of your own, then Dubai is a perfect destination for you! Dubai has emerged as a top regional hub for technology start-ups in the world. Powerful tech start-up hubs like Dubai can emerge only with the existence of a highly-conducive startup ecosystem that promotes business growth. This attracts huge VC funding and a strong talent pool of technology enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from around the world. Here are the top 10 amazing facts about IT start-ups in Dubai that you should know:

  1. Ideal Business Ecosystem: IT start-ups require a highly-supportive ecosystem that helps them to grow and succeed in their businesses. Being a top IT startup hub, Dubai’s business ecosystem consists of world-class infrastructure, strategic location, ease of starting a tech business, and favourable government policies, legislations, and taxation system. These interlinked components of the ecosystem create an ideal environment for fostering innovation and growth. With the ease of starting a tech business in Dubai, some small-scale IT companies have now become giants of the industry.
  2. Top-ranked Start-up City: IT Start-ups need to choose a business location that supports start-ups. Dubai has been ranked 29th in the world on the Startup Cities Index. With a tremendous focus on the technology sector, Dubai has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the launch of IT start-ups.
  3. Technology-centric Community: IT start-ups do well where there is a growing demand for technology-based products and services. Dubai is home to more demanding and technology-obsessed citizens. It now hosts top international events like the World Expo and other technology conferences.
  4. Government Initiatives: In the above scenario, Dubai’s government has been engaging in technology-driven projects and setting up Dubai as a major technology center in the region. It is taking huge steps to make Dubai the next silicon valley in the East by offering several grants and pitching competitions.
  5. Rapidly expanding E-commerce Industry: As people are becoming increasingly comfortable using online platforms and understanding the benefits of using online marketplaces, there is a huge growth in the e-commerce industry. Dubai is now gaining ground as a significant incubator of technology startups.
  6. Hungry for Innovative Technologies: Dubai is growing as a major breeding ground for top IT start-ups that are bringing in innovative technologies. From high-tech automobiles to IT in healthcare to hardcore technology solutions like AI, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, etc., Dubai is striving to build the most advanced technology-driven ecosystem in the world!
  7. Rising Funding Activity for Tech Start-ups: The tech start-up funding activity is rapidly rising in Dubai. Therefore, Dubai-based tech start-ups are raising more money across various deals than ever before! Keen investors continue to pour more and more money into the most promising start-ups in Dubai.
  8. Growing levels of smartphone penetration: There is a growing trend of e-commerce companies delivering packages using the receiver’s smartphone GPS instead of an address. So, in the absence of any street name or building number or even the whole address, smartphone GPS helps.
  9. Autonomous Drone Delivery Services: There is a growing demand for autonomous drone delivery services, giving impetus to such tech start-ups in Dubai.
  10. Robust Technology Platform: Dubai is building an entire technology platform with robust web services and cloud solutions. This enables the expansion of e-commerce services in the region.

Given the above top 10 facts on IT start-ups, there is no best time, but now, to start a new tech business in Dubai! If you are planning to start a tech business in Dubai, then business startup consultants like Creative Zone can help you. Creative Zone is the largest company for business setup and support in Dubai. Our expert advisors will guide you at every step and take care of all the business setup needs. Call 800 LICENSE (5423673) or fill out the online form to schedule a free consultation with one of our Business Setup Advisors today!

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