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Thank You For Attending CREATIVE ZONE Marketing Open House

Thank you to everyone who attended CREATIVE ZONE Marketing Services Open House yesterday. As always, we had a wonderful turnout and we’re so happy to meet with all of you. 

A big thank you to our speakers for their wonderful presentations:

  • How to Market your Brand in 2018 by Soumicha Tinakicht,  Owner & Business Event Consultant, Tanakicht Group

    Presentation Summary: With my so loving and very challenging 18 years of experience by working for the biggest organizations and companies in the EMEA Region and becoming a female entrepreneur, I will be very glad and honored to share with you my Marketing Tips for SMEs during one hour with the small but very interesting agenda below:

    I. How to Market your Brand in 2018
    A. Create and Position your Brand
    B. Offline marketing Solutions

    II. Marketing Tools
    A. Online Marketing
    B. Role of Social Medias

  • The Importance of Digital Marketing for Startups by Reza Pedramnia, Founder, TMR Creative Studios

    Presentation Summary: Startups lack the finances and are often short on resources. Yet they have to find ways to compete with the bigger players in their domain. Not only that but new players are getting launched on a daily basis. They also have to try their utmost to make their presence known in a sea of marketing campaigns from companies with unlimited budgets.

    So how do they survive and get themselves noticed?

    Luckily, digital marketing allows companies to get amazing exposure even those with shoe-string budgets, therefore making it an absolute necessity for start-ups to explore and build a long terms strategy around. In the upcoming presentation, we will explore how social media platforms can be beneficial to your start-up and how a few changes to your website can be the difference between being invisible online and getting regular, high levels of traffic.

  • Brand yourself with the Power of Social Media by Yasir Zahoor, Insights Google Partner, Academy Trainer & Senior consultant

    Presentation Summary:  With the millions of apps, websites and other platforms for people to communicate through media that are all over the Internet these days, this is truly the age of social media. Users from UAE are among the top users of most social media platforms on the Internet. Whether it’s updating a Facebook status, fitting a joke into 280 characters on twitter or uploading a picture of our lunch to Instagram, we are on the Internet a lot. Social media is a huge part of our culture. Now since users are on Social.  I’ll talk about How companies & individuals can
    use Social Media effectively to build a strong digital brand.

  • Difference between PR and Marketing PR by Ronald Olivera, Talent Management and Consultant, 4C Integrated Communicators

    Presentation Summary: Every organization, no matter how large or small, ultimately depends on its reputation for survival and success. Customers, Internal and external stakeholders have a powerful impact and they all have an opinion whether good or bad, right or wrong. These perceptions will drive their decisions about whether they want to work with, shop with and support these organizations.

    In today’s competitive market, reputation can be a company’s biggest asset – the thing that makes you stand out from the crowd and gives you a competitive edge. Effective PR can help manage reputation by communicating and building good relationships and push ROI

  • Defining your Brand Identity and Story by Kristine Abante, Managing Partner, Sandbox Creatives
    Presentation Summary: Sandbox Creatives is a fresh collaboration of young, dynamic and experienced professionals from marketing, media, production, photography, design and other relevant fields offering inspired executions at top level professional quality. We offer a one-stop-shop for Creative marketing solutions, from strategy to execution, we specialize in telling stories. Topic discussion includes:
    • What is a brand
    • Why do you need to tell a brand story
    • How to tell your brand story

We hope that you found the Open House informative and worthwhile. The primary goal of this event was to bring together enpretreneurs in an open dialogue and learn more about PR, design and marketing strategies which are helpful in the gowth of startups and SMEs in the UAE.
We truly appreciate your support.  We hope to see you again at our next corporate event.

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