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Business Setup in Abu Dhabi- Key Advantages

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and the largest emirate, constituting more than three-quarters of the country’s area. Abu Dhabi is also one of the fastest-growing, most prosperous, and wealthiest markets globally, making it a viable and preferred location to start a business in the Middle East.

Why Set Up a Business in Abu Dhabi?

The emirate offers diverse investment opportunities and a business-friendly environment that are ideal for companies to grow and evolve. The following is a list of the top 20 reasons why you should consider setting up a business in Abu Dhabi

  1. Strategic location with close access to European, Asian, and African markets
  2. Access to UAE markets
  3. Ideal commercial and legislative policies, liberal laws, and regulations
  4. No capital gains or corporate and personal income taxes
  5. 100% foreign ownership in most professional services
  6. 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  7. No currency restrictions or forex controls, quotas, or trade barriers
  8. Competitive freight charges and import duties
  9. A two-year business license is issued for selected activities, with no government fee in the second year
  10. Easy access to seaports and airports
  11. State-of-the-art telecommunications and transportation systems
  12. Abundant, inexpensive, and reliable energy supply
  13. Sophisticated financial and services sector
  14. A top destination for international exhibitions and conferences
  15. High standard of living and a cosmopolitan lifestyle
  16. World-class infrastructure and top-notch amenities in healthcare, education, recreation, hospitality, and real estate sectors
  17. Simple staff recruitment procedures
  18. Fewer nationality restrictions for company ownership or issuing visas
  19. No restrictions in taking up contracts and tenders for government entities
  20. Simple, transparent, and flexible business setup procedures

Company Formation Options Available in Abu Dhabi

  • Mainland Company
  • Offshore Company
  • Free Zone Company

Company Legal Forms / Entity Types Possible in Abu Dhabi

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership Firms
  • Public Shareholding Companies
  • Joint Ventures
  • Branch of a local UAE company
  • Branch of a foreign company
  • Foreign Representative Offices

Step-By-Step Process for Setting Up a Business in Abu Dhabi

Step 1: Determine the type of Business Activities the company intends to undertake.

Step 2: Find a Local Sponsor (a service agent or a company owned by UAE nationals) to set up a Mainland company.

Step 3: Determine the Legal Entity type for the business.

Step 4: Register the Trade Name of the company.

Step 5: Complete Licensing Requirements.

Step 6: Get special approvals.

Step 7: Obtain an initial approval certificate.

Step 8: Pay the legal fee for getting the business license issued

Entrepreneurs can have everything they dream of while setting up a business in Abu Dhabi. But it can become quite challenging for them to go through all the steps of company formation alone in a foreign land. Hence, it is best to get professional help from business set-up consultants in Abu Dhabi.

If you are planning to set up your business in Abu Dhabi, then contact Creative Zone or call us at 800 LICENSE (5423673) to speak to one of our consultants today!

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