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Perfume Shop Licence Dubai 2022 Guide

Dubai has an appetite for all things high-class, whether that’s hotels and conference venues or food, clothes and perfume.

The latter is, in fact, such big business out here in the UAE that the market is estimated to be worth almost USD 1bn. The easiest way to tap into this large and growing industry is to open a perfume shop in one of Dubai’s famous malls or shopping districts. And Creative Zone can help.

In this article, we’ll cover:


    • • An overview of the perfume industry in Dubai, UAE


    • • Steps to open a perfume shop in Dubai, UAE


    • • Cost of opening a perfume shop in Dubai


    • • Documents required to open a perfume shop in Dubai


    • • How to grow a perfume business in Dubai


    • How Creative Zone can help


An overview of the perfume industry in Dubai, UAE

The fragrance market in the UAE was valued at just over USD 910m last year and is expected to see growth of 6.6% between now and 2030.

Much of this market worth is accounted for by online and physical retail sales. Dubai’s men and women take pride in personal grooming, and they are prepared to pay a premium for the right scent.

Where once high-quality perfumes and personal grooming products were seen as a luxury, they are now viewed by many as a daily essential. For businesses selling fragrances out here, this represents a significant opportunity. If you can bring a new product to market or compete on price and service, you are likely to find a large and receptive market.

Steps to open a perfume shop in Dubai, UAE

Before beginning the process of applying for your perfume shop licence in Dubai, it is always a good idea to seek out expert advice. After a short consultation, the team at Creative Zone will guide you through the entire process, liaising with all relevant authorities on your behalf.

Together, we’ll complete the following four-step process.

Step 1: Registering your company name
The first key step when starting a business in Dubai is to choose a company name. When doing this, you will need to make sure you adhere to a few standard conventions. But don’t worry, they are largely common sense.

Essentially, you must avoid any words that could be considered offensive or blasphemous. You should also make sure that your chosen name is not similar to any other existing businesses or institutions.

Finally, your company name must be unique to you and available to register. For this reason, it is always a good idea to suggest a few options in case your first choice is already in use.

Once you have made your decision, we will submit and register your trade name on your behalf.

Step 2: Acquiring a business licence
Next up, it’s time to apply for your perfume shop licence. This process will differ slightly depending on whether you plan to set up in the mainland or in a UAE free zone. The team at Creative Zone can help you decide on the best option for your business.

If you opt for the mainland, your application is made to Dubai’s Department of Economic Development. If you are planning to trade from a free zone then you will need to apply directly to the relevant managing authority.

Whichever option you choose, your dedicated contact at Creative Zone will manage the process on your behalf, to ensure a speedy and straightforward application.

Step 3: Completing the visa processes
As well as a trade licence, you’ll also need a residency visa to work and live in the UAE. This process is slightly more complicated than a trade licence application, but once again, Creative Zone is on hand to make the complex simple.

As well as submitting an application, you will also need to undergo a medical and fitness test. This includes a blood test and chest X-ray.

Once you have obtained your UAE trade licence, you can sponsor others for their applications, too. This could be your spouse or dependent children as well as domestic staff such as a maid or driver.

Step 4: Opening a bank account
The final step before you’re ready to trade in the UAE is to open a corporate bank account. This process is not always quick and straightforward for non-GCC citizens, however, the team at Creative Zone can help to reduce the hassle involved.

Once we have discussed your specific banking requirements, we can advise on the financial institution most suited to your needs.

Cost of opening a perfume shop in Dubai

The starting cost of obtaining a perfume shop licence in Dubai is AED 13,800. However, there are several more costs to consider on top of this.

You will also need to account for visas and any additional permits that may be required to start trading. There are also staff and office costs to keep in mind.

For a full and personalised breakdown of the costs involved in starting a perfume shop in Dubai, get in touch with the team at Creative Zone.

Documents required to open a perfume shop in Dubai

When applying for your perfume shop licence in Dubai, you will need to submit the following documents along with your completed application form.

    • • Company registration certificate


    • • Lab test results for all perfumes you intend to sell


    • • Analysis report for all perfumes you intend to sell


    • Certificate of free sales

How to grow a perfume business in Dubai

Some of the most effective ways to promote and grow your perfume business are also the most simple. Start by getting online, even though you may wish to open a physical store, and your customers may prefer to try fragrances for themselves.

Your web presence is effectively your advert driving customers to your physical store. It’s also a good idea to offer an ecommerce option for customers who know what they want without coming in store.

Next, you should uncover your USP. Why would customers choose you over another shop? Can you compete on service, price or variety of options? If so, make sure your potential customers are reminded of that with every interaction.

Find the best method of promotion. You may have a great shopfront and online presence but how are you going to get it in front of your target audience? First find out where your potential customers are and then hatch a plan to engage with them. This could be encouraging footfall into your store, running online ads or working with respected influencers.

How Creative Zone can help

Creative Zone is one of the largest and most trusted company formation advisory companies in the region. And when you work with us to start your business, our international knowledge and expertise is at your disposal.

Our multi-talented team has helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to make their business dreams a reality. Quite simply, we are your one-stop shop for all things relating to business setup in Dubai.

We can support you from pre-launch to rapid growth with everything from licences, permits and visas to a wide range of additional business services to help your business thrive. Plus, thanks to our flexible payment plans and tailored packages, we’re committed to helping you keep costs low.

Want to know more? Get in touch today to take the first step toward launching your perfume business in Dubai.

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