Innovation Lab shares their expertise on Neuroscience, Happiness and High Performance

Victoria Stensø  and Louise Jakobsen of Innovation Lab shared their expertise about Neuroscience, Happiness and High Performace at CONCEPT ME,  a unique space experience embracing various project scales, from urban planning to architecture, from interior design to its details.

The 2-hour introductory tour de force,  was an essential session for companies wishing to innovate and raise team productivity.

Did you know that when your brain is happy, you are 31% more productive, 3x as creative, have 180% more energy and are far more resilient? It is not such a mystery why the world’s most successful companies including Facebook, Google, Pixar, Dropbox and many more – view happiness and the development of the personal mindset, as the most important x-factors for innovation, creativity and performance in the 21st century.

On September 20th, Innovation Lab – Scandinavia’s oldest innovation think tank, had a kickstart a series of workshops that culminates in a diploma course that you can partake in 2016 and 2017. Innovation Lab shared their experience in this field, including their work with International clients – and collaboration with Stanford University.

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Fruitful day

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