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How to apply for customs code for your import export license

Imports and exports are as old as the idea of business itself. Due to the incredible demand for goods around the world, and Dubai’s strategic location between Asia, Africa, and Europe – it’s the perfect place for someone engaged in this kind of activity. The Emirates are linked to those global markets by a strong network of transport infrastructure – ports, airports, roads.

The UAE of course has a long history of international trade, strengthened by its excellent regional and global relationships.

Because the UAE is such an attractive and easy place to set up a business, for someone looking to get into import/export it’s a very good choice.

For any business wanting to take part in import/export of goods in Dubai, obtaining a code for the clearance of goods is mandatory. It’s relatively easy to get, so in this article we will look at the following:

  • What is a customs client code?
  • Why is a customs client code required in the UAE?
  • Documents required to apply for a customs client code
  • Cost of a customs client code
  • Steps to obtain a customs code
  • Working with Creative Zone

What is a customs client code?

As noted, a customs client code (or customs code) is essential if you want to engage in import or export activities in Dubai. This is something that is required beyond your business license. The process of registering with Dubai Customs (dubaitrade.ae) to get your code is as follows:

  • Online application
  • Payment
  • Application review
  • Approval
  • Customs code allocated

Initially, your customs code will be valid until your business license expires. From there, your code should be renewed every year, after you have renewed your business license.

Working with a specialist such as Creative Zone means that you can ensure all your paperwork is up to date, that you are eligible to apply, and that everything is in place before any application is even made. This can reduce any problems or delays further down the line.

Why is a customs client code required in the UAE?

The UAE, like every country, has laws in place around customs. The ‘customs client code’ is one of them, and it is mandatory. Thankfully obtaining one isn’t too difficult as long as you have the necessary paperwork in place prior to application.

Documents required to apply for customs client code

This is fairly straight-forward. Essentially you need:

  • A copy of your current trade license – which must be valid
  • A copy of your passport
  • An undertaking letter if you have a professional license
  • Residency Visa

Cost of customs client code

Again, fairly straight-forward – although it’s always worth checking on the Dubai Customs website to ensure there have been no changes.

The charges for a customs client code are:

  • New customs code: AED 100
  • Renewal of existing customs code: AED 25

Steps to obtain a customs code (h3)
These are the steps to get a customs code, although the order may vary:

  • Visit www.dubaitrade.ae and fill in the application for a customs code
  • When requested, submit the required documents (noted above)
  • Pay the AED 100 fee

Working with Creative Zone
Now is the time to work with a specialist to ensure your customs client code application runs smoothly. For entrepreneurs or owners of SMEs, being able to import and export with ease opens up a number of great business opportunities.

When you’re looking for further customs code information you can be sure what you’re getting from Creative Zone is the latest, up-to-date info from people who deal with this every day.

In addition to helping you with your ID renewal, Creative Zone can help you with setting up your business.

While the setup process can be somewhat stressful, you can fast-track it by working with a company formation specialist. It’s the quickest way to get set up in the UAE, letting us take care of all the details and ensuring your application is free from errors.

We can also help you with opening a corporate bank account and also offer important advice on the type of financial institution that would best suit your requirements.

Here at Creative Zone, we offer you the best solutions to start your company in the UAE. You get fast, reliable and unbiased advice on your unique business setup requirements. We can help you choose the right kind of license for your chosen business activity/activities and take you through the entire process from start to finish.

You can let us deal with the hassle of registering a company while you focus on your business. And working with us means you get the best budget friendly and cost-effective solution to help make your business dream a reality.

Over 10 years, Creative Zone has helped over 36,000 entrepreneurs set up their businesses. Whether it be a mainland business setup, offshore company setup, free zone company setup or issuing of trade licenses and any related activity for registering a company, Creative Zone is your one-stop-shop.

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