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Global Tech Giant Zoho Partners With Creative Zone To Help Dubai Businesses Advance Digitally

The Dubai-based business advisory firm, Creative Zone has partnered with the globally-acclaimed technology company Zoho, to provide businesses with an expansive set of affordable digital tools that will help streamline business processes and seamlessly connect internal departments for increased efficacy and convenience. It will help growth-stage companies build a strong digital foundation and adopt smart business solutions that are crucial for sustaining and growing any company.

Most businesses that have a legacy software or work with multiple cloud apps often struggle with functioning in data silos, multi-vendor contracts, integration hassles, and escalating costs. With Zoho One, businesses can run their sales, marketing, operations, collaboration, HR management, finance and other functions on a single platform. This significantly lowers the entry barrier that many startups and SMEs face when adopting enterprise technology. The cloud-based apps enable businesses to run from anywhere and take advantage of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence to expedite their growth.

“Having an integrated CRM and business intelligence tools under one suite can be a game-changer for businesses, it enhances operations and facilitates excellent customer support. The partnership with Zoho will help our clients expedite procedures, save time, effort and cost, and promote business agility. With Zoho One, businesses can stop relying on dozens of spreadsheets to manage customer activities and instead move to a CRM that is easy to use and allows them to focus on growing and building strong customer relationships”, said Lorenzo Jooris, CEO, Creative Zone.

“Zoho strongly believes that true progress is when all communities—big or small, transform into self-reliant and resilient economic clusters, or what we call transnational localism. Our partnership with Creative Zone is in line with this objective,” said Ali Shabdar, Regional Director, MEA, Zoho Corp. “In order to make Dubai a competitive knowledge economy, as aimed under National Agenda 2021, businesses of all sizes must adopt digitisation. We provide businesses the tools to run all their operations—front office and back office—on a single cloud-based platform. We hope that Creative Zone customers will take advantage of the technology we offer to grow their business.”


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