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Virtual Workshop: How To Build Your Investment Deck & Get Funded


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Virtual Workshop: How To Build Your Investment Deck & Get Funded

Mind Cloud Academy is organizing a virtual webinar workshop on Zoom exclusively for Creative Zone members.

This special 2-hour virtual workshop is for entrepreneurs growing a venture & wanting to acquire knowledge and tools to build their Pitch Deck and go on a Fundraising Exercise.

The first part of the workshop, Genny Ghanimeh, founder of Mind Cloud Academy, will walk you through:

* Creating an effective Pitch Deck whether at Launch or Growth Stage with the 11 most essential slides
* Some Common Mistakes with the investment deck
* Some essential tips of success in Fundraising & how to talk to Investors
The second part of the workshop, Rebeca Pop, founder of Vizlogue and data visualization and storytelling expert, will walk you through:
* The neuro-science behind perception and memory as it relates to how people read and remember graphs
* Few data-visualization examples that are relevant for entrepreneurs (e.g. market data, competitive analysis)

The session will end on a Q&A breakout portion with successful entrepreneurs, focused on addressing challenges they faced in their fundraising.

If you want to know more about our Entrepreneurship Program, visit: https://www.mindcloudacademy.com/program/, or email us directly at [email protected]

Members from Creative Zone will also be entitled for a 50% off scholarship to Mind Cloud Academy’s Summer Program, supported by Creative Zone.
Limited spots available; Register today.
Once registered, a zoom link will be sent to your email address one day prior to the workshop.


    Lorenzo Jooris

    Lorenzo Jooris

    CEO, Creative Zone

    Lorenzo Jooris is the CEO of Creative Zone, Dubai’s leading business advisory firm. Mr Jooris holds extensive and diverse experience in the Middle Eastern and South Asian business markets and retains an expert opinion on the regions’ SMEs and startup culture. He was the founder of One World Communications, a full-fledged multi-media powerhouse advising governments around the world in branding and communication strategies. He, later on, started LEADERS Middle East Magazine in the UAE and formulated ‘Leaders without Borders’ an initiative that promotes young social entrepreneurs’ development and Power Women of Arabia Debate. In 2018, he joined Arton Capital as the Vice President of global growth and strategy where he oversaw the international expansion of the company and was in charge of sales, marketing and events worldwide. Lorenzo is a firm believer in giving back to the community, and within Creative Zone he has spearheaded significant initiatives to help and support promising startups and entrepreneurs. He is also the author of “Recipes for a Better World” and serves as an advisor to the James Michel Foundation.



    Founder & CEO, Mind Cloud Tribe

    Following her passions for the MicroFinance & the Online industries, and after a life-altering trek in Kilimanjaro, Genny founded Pi Slice in March 2013 and negotiated a partnership agreement with MicroWorld from the Group PlanetFinance to build and administer the first crowd-lending platform for microfinance in MENA.

    This journey led to Genny founding Mind Cloud Academy, the 1st entrepreneurship academy teaching a program of 10 certified courses under KHDA,. The program ends with a demo day of the investment deck to a panel of regional VCs & Investors.

    Founding Mind Cloud Tribe comes as a natural progression after Mind Cloud Academy. An online platform of tutorials, tools, tool-builders for the Business Plan and the Investment, along a market-place for experts and tutorials. Mind Cloud Tribe’s vision is to allow anyone, anywhere, to overcome all the barriers and challenges, be able to fulfill their dreams and step into their vision.

    Along with Mind Cloud, Genny is a founding member of the EMIR Mentorship Program at London Business School and a recognized Business Coach with a track record of 30+ founders, CEOs & entrepreneurs. She is mostly passionate about helping others find their ‘real inner why’, while equipping them with resilience, self-belief and other resources to thrive.
    Prior to Pi Slice & Mind Cloud, Genny began her career in Project Finance, and later shifted her focus to the financial industry and business development, where she honed her entrepreneurial skills in founding her 1st company Pro-ID in 2003; initiating start-ups and identifying market opportunities for international corporations. In 2007, Genny founded and managed Pi Investments, working on mergers and acquisitions deals in emerging countries. In 2010, Genny joined a DIFC based investment bank as the Head of Business Development.

    Genny is a recognized voice, and a dedicated Author and Contributor in different outlets like Entrepreneur Magazine, Executive Magazine, Philanthropy Age and Pi Slice Blog, writing about Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Impact Investing, CSR and Microfinance. She is a Founding Mentor at EMIR Program at London Business School . Genny also organized and launched CEO Talks interviews in partnership with Impact Hub and In5 Dubai, where she interviewed top Dubai CEOs. She is a regular Professional Speaker at events like Global CSR Congress, SME Advisor Events, WEF.
    Genny has an M.A. in Civil Engineering, a B.S in Physics, an MBA from London Business School (UK) and Business Coaching Certificate from Universal Coach Institute.


    Founder, Vizlogue

    Rebeca is the founder of Vizlogue, a global Data Visualization and Storytelling Lab that offers training and consulting services. Vizlogue's mission is to help companies and organizations communicate more effectively with data.

    The story behind Vizlogue? Rebeca has spent the last 10 years working in digital analytics, and the last 3 years teaching data visualization at the University of Chicago and at DePaul University, both in the US. 
    Teaching gave Rebeca the opportunity to understand data visualization at a much deeper level, and helped her see that she could use her skills to help others elevate their data visualization and storytelling practices.

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