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Understanding the UAE’s Economic Substance Requirements


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Understanding the UAE’s Economic Substance Requirements

Join us at our upcoming workshop with our advisors from Creative Zone Tax & Accounting to understand how your business is affected by the new Economic Substance Regulations (ESR). Our experts can assist you with the initial assessment of your current position in the UAE and offer you the best advice on making sure that your business does not fall foul of the regulations.

The UAE Cabinet issued the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No.31 of 2019 concerning economic substance regulations in the UAE, requiring all in-scope UAE entities that carry on certain activities to have demonstrable economic substance in the UAE with effect from 30 April 2019.

Although, ESR is mainly directed toward certain types of businesses in the UAE, these regulations will also have a limited impact on every business based here in the UAE irrespective of carrying out a relevant activity. Therefore, any necessary adjustments should be made by all entities to ensure compliance with the regulations.

At the end of this seminar, you will walk out with knowledge on how to be compliant on the ESR in the UAE.



    Zeeshan Toor

    General Manager (ACCA, CMA, UAECA), Creative Zone Tax & Accounting

    Zeeshan Toor brings the highest standard of quality to work. Having a diverse experience and keen insights towards management, allows him to read between the lines and understand the needs of the clients on a very minute level. Accredited with World renowned Professional Certifications like ACCA, CMA and UAECA equips him with the essentials skills required to provide value for money services to clients. His hard work got him featured in the PwC's Academy Monthly Newsletter. His excellent analytical skills, strategic thinking and independent advice for the clients aids management decisions, brings efficiency, improves workflow and adds value to a growing business.

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