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Finding Freedom: From Idea to Entrepreneur


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Finding Freedom: From Idea to Entrepreneur

Implement business methods through tried and tested strategies

In our next upcoming webinar, we partner with The Gaggler to bring you an exclusive panel discussion featuring four incredible businesswomen.

Together they will share what values and principles have been implemented into their business lifestyle—leading with business strategies adapted to support and improve themselves in business and personal living. These successful women will come together to share their stories and tips on how better to utilize exploring ideas and curating success.



    Audrey Hamneter

    CEO of The Bedrock Program, and COO of Upstrive

    Audrey has over 25 years of senior executive-level business experience in operations and finance, in prestigious positions during her international career. Her experience with policy, systems, and people, has hed her focus her work on relieving the anxiety and stress involved in fulfilling a successful career. Currently, she is the CEO and Founder of the globally recognized The Bedrock Program specializing in career and confidence training for youth, and she is also the COO at Upstrive, a wellbeing app that helps schools and businesses measure and impact student and staff engagement to drive performance.

    Audrey is also an Adjunct Professor at Middlesex University Dubai. She holds a Hons. BA from the University of Toronto, and a MBA from Imperial College London. She also holds several other exceptional qualifications from equally outstanding schools globally and is an ICF-certified ACC Practitioner. And in 2022 has been nominated for an award for her work as a career coach.

    Lucy Bradley

    Brand Commander, Plug Operation Design

    Lucy Bradley has been Brand Commander of PLUG 15 years. She is passionate about design and helping businesses grow and has made it her mission to educate business owners and marketing departments on how to create great marketing plans and retain customers. It’s a philosophy based on the theory that, by helping other businesses rise, we all rise together.

    When she’s not being super active and outspoken in the business community, she enjoys raising cups and tea to her lips and practicing French with them as well – the latter is so she can save French businesses as well as English ones from bad design. She believes in being tactical, not only in marketing, but in communicating the way to grow your business. She says, “it’s not necessarily what you do, but how you do it.” And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll soon be doing it with Lucy.

    Nadine Halabi

    Business Development Manager, Dubai Business Women Council

    As Dubai Business Women Council's Business Development Manager, Nadine helps drive business success by adopting a 'start-up' style of management that fosters innovation, takes advantage of new opportunities and interprets industry trends to maximize strategic objectives.

    In 2021, Nadine Halabi was nominated as one of the 50 Most Influential Women in the Region under the list of "Women of Influence in the Arab World 2021' by CEO Middle East. The list was under the patronage of UN women and is both a celebration of the Region's female leaders and pioneers and a snapshot of the economic and social currents coursing through the contemporary Middle East.

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