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Creative Zone Tax & Accounting Launches Cutting Edge Corporate Secretarial Services

You may have decided on the most lucrative type of business venture in Dubai, registered the company and paid for the license, but the fun doesn’t stop there! Government compliance regulations are a whole new world that you need to embrace in order to ensure your company stays open and doesn’t encounter hefty fines. For this reason, specalised corporate secretarial services are the ultimate necessity for any new business venture to ensure that the maintenance of its corporate governance framework, including tasks like holding annual board meetings and filing mandatory reports.

Furthermore, you may need to hold high-level business meetings, with a secretary present to take the minutes, to have someone book the meeting room and ensure that the event has all the required technological and hospitality provisions to provide the most conducive environment for your discussions. CREATIVE ZONE Tax & Accounting (CZTA) has just launched its latest Corporate Secretarial Services offer that can provide this extensive range of secretarial assistance on a long-term or ad-hoc basis, ranging from packages that provide up to 5 hours of services to 30 hours, depending on your needs, which can also be further tailored to your requirements.



Ensure the company’s legal documents are up-to-date

A company’s Board of Directors needs a seamless and efficient record system that provides the standard agenda, minutes of meetings and corporate calendar as well as a record of any changes in the management or appointment or removal of directors. CZTA can prepare these compliance documents as well as assisting with bank account opening. If there is a need to liaise with insurance companies in sourcing relevant insurance covers, this will be taken up by our team. Board directors and shareholders also need to sign documents from time to time, which CZTA can keep track of and arrange when necessary.

Board-related information is, of course, highly sensitive and requires the utmost confidentiality and care, which our team is fully committed to. Our reputation is staked on the value, trust and efficiency that we offer to clients, and, therefore, the utmost care is given to keeping all company information secure.


Changing face or closing down

Important changes in your company, such as its structure, changing its name or the need for its dissolution, are also part of the array of services that we provide. You may also decide to expand   your business type and will then need to apply for a trade license amendment or you may simply need to renew it, in which case this administrative matter can be easily processed by our team, thereby saving the additional time youneed for other important matters  in your busy calendar.


Time to comply

At CZTA, corporate secretarial services include the maintenance of company records, document monitoring, mandatory filing of the company’s annual accounts, arrangement of the company’s annual general meeting (AGM) and attending shareholder meetings as reporting secretary, among others. These are required under law, and our team has produced a competitive package that ensures timely delivery of each of these documents. The UAE Ministry of Economy has enacted a cabinet resolution regulating Beneficial Owner Procedures, which came into effect on 28 August 2020. This resolution introduces new requirements for entities to disclose its beneficial owner(s), known as Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO). Our corporate secretarial services team can maintain the company UBO register as well as file the company’s financial statements. The team can assist with assigning auditors, and serve important company notices when required.

Our experts can also prepare company policies and procedures required under compliance laws and assist with the amendment of capital structures and shareholders, when necessary.


HR Assistance

Having taken care of your company’s legal administrative requirements under UAE law, we realise that one of the key areas that companies struggle to find expert advice is finding the right people to join their team, an essential component of business success. The administrative time needed for coordinating the resignation, removal and appointment of employees can be substantial.

Given that we have an in-depth understand of UAE labour laws, CTZA will ensure that each procedure if followed in the appropriate manner. As we are part of the Creative Zone group, which is Dubai’s largest and most trusted company formation specialist firm, we have extensive experience in HR matters and keep up-to-date with latest information on the most effective and competitive recruitment firms in Dubai. Our team will be able to find the right firm for your company’s needs, and if needed will be able to assist with the recruitment process, including scheduling interviews and onboarding sessions.


Benefits of outsourcing

Most people will point to the fact that outsourcing corporate secretarial services cuts costs for the owner of company. Indeed, this is true, and for most SMEs, it’s the first priority. However, CTZA prides itself on the fact that our team’s expertise, professionalism and knowledge of local laws is unrivalled. The value we provide through experienced insight and customised advice will protect your company from potential adverse consequences in compliance matters, which in turn will avoid a loss of income.

Our aim is to ensure client’s business compliance and, ultimately, growth, and ensure they have the tools and confidence to do business in a new environment. When clients succeed, we succeed; ensuring a long-term partnership which benefits us all.

If you’re ready to put your company’s corporate secretarial matters into our hands, contact us on [email protected] for more information concerning our packages and services.

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