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Creative Zone collaborates with Creative971 for an e-business masterclass

As the pandemic continues to boost the E-commerce and digital space, Creative Zone today announced that it has joined hands with the E-commerce experts Creative971 for an E-Business masterclass to coach entrepreneurs in building and scaling their online shops. 

The class has ten modules, over 40 videos that include, Do It Yourself Online Training, Guided Screen Recordings and Partner Interviews, guarantees lifetime access to all information acquired. These modules target anyone who strives towards e-commerce but doesn’t have a solid basis to follow through. The tools enlisted in this Masterclass will ensure a solid launchpad for entrepreneurs and provide a tactical approach towards scaling their businesses.


The module covers crucial and often less understood topics like business setup costs, which gives an overview of all setup and reoccurring monthly cost, Banking options, best Payment Gateways and how to integrate them; this will also provide a 500 AED discount with Creative971 partners. Individuals will also get a detailed understanding of the technical know-how and insider tips from MEA’s leading Shopify expert, on-screen recordings on how to setup your online store, detailed explanation to setup and integrate Instagram and Facebook, Integration of accounting, email marketing and invoice Apps.


“The practical and cohesive format of the Masterclass enables entrepreneurs to enter the world of an online marketplace with confidence and empowers them with all the essential tools that they will require throughout their journeys, from an idea to the first order. We are delighted to have Creative971 as our E-commerce partners, and I believe this partnership will be instrumental in transforming the E-commerce sector of the region”, said Lorenzo Jooris, CEO, Creative Zone. 

Creative971 has provided outstanding outcomes with over 350 Shopify stores across the Middle East since 2016. Some of the most recognisable brands being Swarovski, Amongst Few, Oud Milano and L’Oreal. Their e-commerce production has supported a multitude of successful businesses distributing their services and goods across technological platforms. 

Commenting on the occasion was Nico Jackle, one of the coaches and Co-founder of Creative971 “We are delighted to offer our E-Commerce Masterclass directly to entrepreneurs and startup owners, the masterclass will give them an in depth knowledge and develop expertise enough to start their online business”

To know more about the Masterclass, please click here

About Creative Zone:

Creative Zone is Dubai’s largest and most trusted business setup advisory firm. Creative Zone’s registration professionals have helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs and SMEs grow their businesses in the UAE since its launch by Mahesh Dalamal and Steve Mayne in 2010. The company was created with a simple yet revolutionary model for the UAE marketplace; to serve as a one-stop-shop, with flexible payment plans, for easy company incorporation. Creative Zone has now evolved to provide added business support services to create an ecosystem that helps entrepreneurs and SMEs to set up, sustain, and grow their businesses and contribute to the UAE’s position as the global location of choice for company setup

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