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Benefits of relocating to Dubai [2022 Guide]

Is it worth moving to Dubai for work? The numbers suggest that yes – it is. The emirate is one of the most popular destinations in the world for expatriates. Whether coming here to start new jobs or launch new ventures, it’s estimated that around 200,000 foreigners relocate out here every year.

In light of these incredible figures, it is unsurprising that over 80% of Dubai’s population are not Emirati citizens.

There are many reasons for this mass migration, both social and economic. Many come for the business and tax benefits, others for the high quality of life and standard of healthcare. In this article, I’ll cover some of the best reasons to move to Dubai, including:

    •Safety and security
    •Business opportunities
    •Language and culture
    •Education and healthcare
    •100% foreign ownership

Reasons to move to Dubai

Safety and security
The UAE is widely regarded as one of the safest countries in the world, and regularly ranks as such. It recently polled second in the Gallup Global Law and Order 2021, behind only Norway. In the same survey, the country was named the safest country for people to walk at night.

The UAE is also the most politically stable Arab nation, ranked highly by the World Bank for Political Stability and Absence of Violence/Terrorism.

Business opportunities
From agriculture to healthcare, media to manufacturing, and technology to trading, Dubai is home to a wide range of thriving industries. Within each are numerous potential opportunities on offer to entrepreneurs with the drive and determination to see success.

This environment of opportunity is enhanced right now as Expo 2020 remains on our shores until spring next year. The international summit brings together the brightest minds in business, tech, science and more. For UAE-based entrepreneurs, it is an opportunity like no other to get your offering in front of a host of potential business partners, investors and customers from the world over.

Language and culture
Dubai offers the ultimate blend of East and West, where the world’s cultures integrate in harmony. Global cuisine, vast malls and incredible nightlife are the perfect outlet for a population that works hard and plays hard.

Also, while Arabic is the official language out here, English is spoken by almost all, making it easy for foreign residents to settle in. Plus, with an estimated 200+ nationalities living (and talking) in Dubai, you’re almost certain to meet someone that speaks your language.

Education and healthcare
The UAE is among the top places to relocate for families, thanks in large part to its highly regarded education ecosystem. It is currently ranks 16th overall in the world, rising to 12th for the quality of its higher education.

On top of this, the UAE is also home to a world-renowned healthcare system. Ranked 20th in the World Index of Healthcare Innovation, it is available to all residents on an insurance basis. So, is moving to Dubai a good idea if you have family? Absolutely.

100% foreign ownership
Many countries impose restrictions on foreign ownership of registered business. This was the case in the UAE mainland until very recently. Now, companies across many industries can get approval from the relevant Department of Economic Development to retain full ownership of their UAE-registered companies.

Foreign entrepreneurs can also set up in UAE free zones and benefit from 100% foreign ownership in all instances, as well as 100% customs tax exemptions, zero currency restrictions and capital and profit repatriation.

If you’re in need of more reasons to move to Dubai, how about the weather? The UAE benefits from a generally warm and sunny climate. During the hottest months of July and August, temperatures can reach 48°C (118.4°F). The winter months are of course much cooler, with evening temperatures dropping to 20°C (68°F).

There’s more to these sunny climes than a pleasant place to live – they also bring economic benefits. Renewable energy is big business in the UAE, with the country expected to generate 20% of its energy from clean sources within the next three years.

Relocate to Dubai with Creative Zone

While the steps required to relocate and start a business in Dubai are not too complicated, a certain amount of prior knowledge is required. Specifically, it is vital to ensure that your applications for your business license and visa are all completely free from mistakes.

This can be somewhat stressful, so as we have advised throughout this article, the fast-track to getting up and running is through working with a company formation specialist.

Here at Creative Zone, we offer you the best solutions to start your company in the UAE. You get fast, reliable and unbiased advice on your unique business setup requirements. We can help you choose the right kind of license for your business activity and take you through the entire process from start to finish.

You can let us deal with the hassle of registering a company while you focus on your business. And working with us means you get the best budget friendly and cost-effective solution to help make your business dream a reality.

Over 10 years, Creative Zone has helped more than 36,000 entrepreneurs set up their businesses. Whether it be a mainland business setup, offshore company setup, free zone company setup, or issuing of trade licenses and any related activity for registering a company, Creative Zone is your one-stop-shop.

Our customer-first focus and our staff who speak 22 languages means you get a tailored package to suit your specific needs. We have worked with clients from around the world, setting them up in over 200 different business activities.

Let Creative Zone make your journey into business ownership quick and hassle-free.

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