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Consulting License in Dubai: Steps in getting a license

The UAE’s diverse economy makes it an attractive market for consulting firms. Consulting firms dispense advice and guidance to individuals and large organisations who always require the specialised services of professional consultants. And with so many thriving sectors, the demand for business consultancy and support is forever increasing in the UAE. When you plan to start a consulting business in Dubai, the first thing you need to do is obtain a business license. Let us look at all the steps in getting a consulting license in Dubai.

Steps to Obtain a Consulting License in Dubai

  1. Establish your business activity.
  2. Register a company name.
  3. Choose a suitable company structure – Sole Proprietorship, Limited Liability Company, Branch of a Foreign Company.
  4. Choose your business location – Dubai Free Zone or the Mainland.
  5. Choose the office type based on your budget (Flexi-Desk, executive office, etc.).
  6. Apply for a consultancy license by submitting the required documents and paying the license fees.
  7. Obtain the consultancy license, apply for a UAE residence visa, and open a corporate bank account.

Types of Consultancy Licenses

To obtain a consultancy license, make sure you apply for the right one based on the nature of the business activity you intend to carry out. There are different types of consultancy licenses in the UAE based on a wide range of business activities as follows:

Applying for a Consultancy License in Dubai

  • You can apply for a consultancy license (commercial or professional license) to the Dubai free zone or directly to the Department of Economic Development (DED). You will need to submit the following documents while applying for a consulting license:
  • Completed application form along with the necessary documentation about you and your business
  • Copies of passport and visa of the business owner or owners
  • Two coloured passport-size photos
  • Copies of specific approvals obtained from the respective government authorities, depending on the type of consultancy firm
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the sponsors
  • Unified Number, in case the shareholder holds a visit visa
  • The application process is fast, and the license usually gets issued within a few days. A scanned copy of the original trade license is sent to you via email. Once you receive a copy of the license, you can start operating your consulting business straight away.


Though applying for a Dubai consulting license is not a complex process, foreign business owners require thorough knowledge and understanding of the process and the required documentation. So, it is best to submit your application with the help of expert business setup consultants like Creative Zone. Our team is well-versed in the licensing process and its requirements. Our experts are also familiar with the permitted business activities and can suggest the ones that best align with your business.

Call us at 800 LICENSE (5423673) to speak to one of our consulting business setup advisors today!

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