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Five women-led business ideas for Dubai’s female entrepreneurs

Surges in female entrepreneurship have been observed across the globe as more women lead successful businesses in their respective industries. Research shows that roughly 47.5% of SMEs in the UAE are owned by women, who now contribute around 20% to the nation’s GDP. This is even expected to grow to 25% in the coming years.

The steady rise of women business leaders paves the way for an increasingly healthy economic landscape. Women empower fellow women to start their ventures, resulting in an ever-growing number of new companies. And because a number of these women-led businesses are also purpose-driven, more consumers and markets are engaged by both products and their accompanying advocacies.

As a female entrepreneur in Dubai, how can you make your mark in the UAE’s dynamic business environment? Here are five ideas on how to do just that:

Fashion & Accessories

Clothing and accessories already cover a wide enough scope on their own. Women can choose to focus on sportswear, everyday clothing staples, formal wear, or jewelry, among others. Whatever you decide, remember to use your insight to meet the needs of your target audience. Inclusive clothing that caters to many different sizes, shapes, or preferences is now rightfully a primary selling point for most brands. Your products should be thoughtfully designed to complement Emirati women, men, and children. The same goes for accessories, which must go well with the usual styles and outfits that your target market wears.

A city as fashion-conscious as Dubai will always be keen to expand its wardrobe with the latest trends, so ensure that your products are made of high-quality materials, are durable, and are easily accessible via large retailers, brick-and-mortar stores, or e-commerce platforms.

Hair Products & Salons

Like fashion & clothing lines, women can offer a unique and relatable perspective to hair styling. Be it straight, curly, short, long, natural, colored, or anything else, hair styling will always be something that people will frequently need advice and servicing for. Just make sure that you and your employees have the expertise to work with various hairstyles and textures to meet different needs. You could even find a specific niche. For example, your salon could center around curly hair or another style or have specific treatments that it specializes in. On the flip side, you can also open a full-service salon with haircuts, spa and nail treatments, waxing, and the like.

To build a successful salon, your main considerations must be to find a location that’s accessible to your target clients, while also building a service list that’s in demand and getting expert stylists who will serve your clients.

Daycare or Play Centers

Dubai is a busy city where most parents build careers and run personal responsibilities alongside raising families. As such, opening a daycare has a high likelihood of success. This could be a formal daycare with set weekly schedules or classes that kids will regularly attend. It may also be a play center where children can be left for a short amount of time – while parents do their errands, for example.

You would need a good location for the business, access to childcare experts, and facilities to keep children busy while they’re in your care. In addition, you’ll have to pay close attention to the proper health and safety standards since you’ll be working with children.

Health & Wellness Centers

It’s safe to say that living through a pandemic has made people more attuned to and careful about their health and wellness. More would go for regular check-ups or get treatments to make sure that they’re consistently at the top of their health. As a result, opening a health and wellness center in Dubai would be a good idea to meet the growing demands of a more conscious population. Whether you open up a center specifically catered to women’s health, or a more general establishment depends on your interests and expertise.

One thing to remember when starting a business in the health industry is that you may need a DHA License from the Health Regulation Department of the Dubai Health Authority. The need for this is contingent on the types of services and facilities that your establishment will have, so it’s best to determine this in the earliest stages.

Consultancy Services

Every woman will have their expertise or line of interest, which can be turned into a consultancy business. You may begin a marketing agency, a legal office, an event planning business, a management consultancy, and many more. The minimum requirement would be to obtain a professional license, for you to freely offer your services around the UAE.

Consultancies are quite flexible business ideas for ladies in Dubai, as they cover a variety of industries as mentioned above. They’re also suited for growth. You can start off as a sole consultant, and eventually grow into a full-fledged consultancy with an entire team that services more clients.
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