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Starting a daycare business in Dubai: Costs & Requirements

As is the case in most cities, many families in Dubai have both parents working eight to five. Due to this, they find themselves unable to take care of their young children during office hours. If they have the financial means, they hire childminders or nannies to provide childcare for a portion of the day, or the entire day.

Alternatively, the other option is to leave their children in daycare facilities before heading off to work and picking them up on their way home. With Dubai continuing drive to increase female employment in the emirate, there is an ever-growing demand for day care centres.

Aside from this increasing demand, there is an additional reason to start a day care business in Dubai. The government has made it easier than ever for entrepreneurs willing to support working families and provide day care services.

If you’re looking to start a day care business in Dubai, keep reading. You will learn about the costs and requirements involved in this process to get started on the right foot. In this article, we will cover the following topics:


    • • Things to consider before starting a day care centre in Dubai


    • • Documents required to start a day care centre in Dubai


    • • Start a day care in Dubai in 7 easy steps


    • • Cost of starting day care business in Dubai


    • Working with Creative Zone


Things to consider before starting a day care centre in Dubai

Before launching a day care centre in Dubai, the most critical factor to consider is that it involves a great deal of responsibility for someone else’s child. You will be responsible for their child’s safety, security, meals, education, and entertainment. All this requires dedication, patience, and resources to succeed in the industry.

Here are some points to consider before setting up the day care centre in Dubai. They are:

• Before starting a business, determine if it is a home-based day care facility or a separate designated location
• The age range of children catered to
• Safety and security precautions
• Measures of safety and security (baby proofing the day care space)
• Qualified and certified staff to take care of the children
• Additional specialised equipment

Documents required to start a day care centre in Dubai

Once you have done that, you will need to begin the licensing process. The following is a list of documents required to start a day care centre in Dubai:

• Detailed information about the entrepreneur and their authenticated degree certificate
• Copy of the entrepreneur’s and Emirati partner’s passports.
• A police clearance report of the partners as the business entails interacting with small children, and their safety is the utmost concern
• The center’s location and design layout
• Approval from the municipality and the Civil Defense confirming that all safety measures are in place

Start a day care in Dubai in 7 easy steps

The potential for day care business growth in Dubai is undeniable. However, there is a comprehensive and time-consuming process involved in getting there. If you want to start a day care business, consider the following steps:

1. Draft a business plan: Making a business strategy is the first step in launching a day care in Dubai. Your business plan should include a brief description of your business. Include a synopsis, company overview, and market analysis. It should also have a financial plan with projections. It would help if you incorporated market research into your plan. This research will aid you in establishing a profitable day care business in Dubai.
2. Find a suitable location: When starting a day care business, the location is critical. Working parents do not want to make an extra trip to drop their children off before work. The location’s accessibility is vital, and it must be in a prominent residential area with abundant transportation options. Additionally, the premises should include a play area or playground nearby, and the facility should have an on-site first-aid room.
3. Get the necessary licenses and certifications: To start a day care business in Dubai, you need a business license to do so. The easiest way to get your license is to work with a company formation agency like Creative Zone. Our business setup managers can manage the entire application process on your behalf, including communication with all required authorities. Aside from the license, you will require certifications from Dubai Municipality, Directorate of Civil Defence, and Public Health Department.
4. Necessary equipment: Your daycare facility will need books, toys, food, and playground equipment, among other things. If your childcare centre lacks these items, there is a high likelihood that parents will select other, better-equipped centres for their children, even if the centre is further away.
5. Hire qualified staff: Daycare is, first and foremost, a people business. Parents must like and trust your personnel, so take the time to complete comprehensive interviewing and background checks. Budget for growth in case your daycare business takes off.
6. Get insurance: Even though we have heard the phrase “prevention is better than cure” a million times, that does not diminish the significance of what it means. As a day care owner in Dubai, you must now provide the best care for these kids. It is essential that you get insurance against all possible risks for the children’s safety.
7. Write your policies: Your day care business policies will advise parents about what you are willing to entertain and what you are not. The childcare policies should give parents all the details on running your day care business. In addition, it should include information on vaccinations, illnesses, drop-off and pick-up times, and curricula and field trips.

Cost of starting a daycare business in Dubai

The actual cost of starting a day care business will depend on multiple factors. They include licensing and visa fees, as well as staffing and insurance expenditures and the cost of your center’s location. The average price for obtaining a day care business license in Dubai is between AED 12,000 and AED 20,000.

Contact Creative Zone for an up-to-date price tailored to your specific needs for a precise quote. This means you can be confident that you are getting precisely the price that matches the activities you want to carry out.

Working with Creative Zone

While day care is a highly regulated profession, with the assistance of a business formation specialist like Creative Zone, starting your business can be quick, simple, and economical.

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Take advantage of our free consultations today to get unbiased advice on starting a business in the UAE. Our goal is to help you find the best fit for your needs.

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