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What is the CZ Accelerator ‘X Scale’ & Why Should You Be Part of It?

We believe that entrepreneurs are the primary catalysts for bringing in positive socio-economic change in a country. That is why, at Creative Zone, we started an entrepreneur incubator initiative called the CZ Accelerator Program to help innovative start-ups become successful business ventures by covering every aspect of their business requirements.

X Scale for Start-ups and SMEs

Every year, we help four of the UAE’s outstanding start-ups by investing in them and extending, 360-degree support to help accelerate their growth. If you are an SME or a start-up and have an innovative business idea, then you should consider enrolling your company into X Scale. Pitch your idea to our panel of experts and get shortlisted for our program today!

Who Can Apply for X Scale?

The application process of X Scale is open to anyone, with an existing business or an original business plan in the concept phase.

Why Enroll in X Scale?

Here are 15 Key Benefits of X Scale:

  1. Recognition: The subsequent recognition that will come with being chosen for the accelerator, will add tremendous value while launching the businessin
  2. Equity Funding: Access to capital, investors, and partners
  3. Fund-Raising: Support in preparing your company for fundraising
  4. Business Setup: One year of free company setup advice and support provided by Creative Zone
  5. Trade License: One year of free trade license
  6. Office Space: One year of free office space and meeting facilities at My Office/Creative Zone
  7. Banking: Free banking advice and support provided by CZ Concierge Services
  8. Mentorship: Access to the UAE’s best business minds. One year of free assistance and unbiased mentorship from industry experts with educational workshops, seminars, and dedicated coach provided by CZ Academy
  9. Handson Learning: Opportunities for hands-on learning with successful entrepreneurs
  10. Accounting & Taxation: One year of free tax and accounting support provided by Creative Zone Tax & Accounting
  11. Legal: One year of free legal advice
  12. Marketing: One year of free digital marketing and social media set up advice
  13. Human Resources: One year of HR Support and Recruitment by People Partners (CZ HR partners)
  14. Business Growth: Advice for growing your business and taking it to the next level
  15. Networking: Ample networking opportunities with the start-up community and all stakeholders within the ecosystem

How It Works:

The Accelerator Program has five phases as mentioned below.

Phase 1: Pre-Selection Process

  • Application submission
  • Selection of promising start-ups

Phase 2: Selection Pitch

  • Every quarter, 20 Start-ups will be selected to pitch their business idea to the start-up X board.
  • Only two start-ups will be selected every quarter to move forward.

Phase 3: Tailored Workshop & Preparation for Launch

  • Training to the two selected start-ups per quarter
  • Workshops on Marketing & Business Growth
  • Accounting, Tax, and Legal Support
  • Investor Deck and Pitch Preparation
  • Access to integrated partners network
  • Exposure to partnerships within the industry
  • Mentorship and one-on-one coaching support

Phase 4: Demo Day & Fund Raising

  • Preparation for the demo meeting based on investor interests

Phase 5: Launch

  • Sponsorship of your trade license
  • Business Set up and other support

If you are an SME or a start-up looking for funding, support in setting up your company, and mentorship opportunities, then don’t miss out in enrol for the CZ Accelerator X Scale. Contact Creative Zone or call us on +971 4 567 7333 or send an email to [email protected] to apply for the accelerator today!

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