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What is Corporate Sponsorship and How Creative Zone Can Help You With Your Business Set-up Needs?

If you are a foreign national looking to set up a business on the Dubai Mainland, then local sponsorship is mandatory. The term ‘local sponsor’ refers to a local partner who is a locally-residing UAE national mandated to own at least 51% of the shares of the company. The local partner vouches for your trustworthiness to allow you entry into Dubai for business, visit, or employment. There are 3 types of local sponsorships available for setting up a business in Dubai, namely Corporate Sponsorship, Individual Sponsorship, and Local Service Agent. 

What is Corporate Sponsorship?

When a UAE-based company owned by local nationals holds 51% of the shares and liabilities of a company owned by a foreign investor, it is called Corporate Sponsorship.

In this type of sponsorship, the local sponsor is a UAE national company and not an individual. Corporate sponsorship option is common and very suitable for opening up an LLC in Dubai.

How Creative Zone Can Help You With Your Business Set-up Needs?

Setting up a business in Dubai might become challenging for foreign investors, as they may lack thorough knowledge about the region and the prevailing government policies, norms, or regulations. To overcome this challenge, the Dubai government has made it mandatory for foreign investors to have a local sponsor for their business setup in Mainland Dubai. If you are a foreign investor looking for a local corporate sponsor, then Creative Zone can help.

At Creative Zone, we understand that choosing the right local corporate sponsor in Dubai may get difficult for you. That is why our Corporate Sponsorship service helps you to set up your business in Mainland Dubai with complete peace of mind! Here are 5 ways in which Creative Zone helps you with your Corporate Sponsorship needs:

  1. We will guide you at every step of the way to help you find an ideal sponsor for your company. To make your business a success, we help you choose a local sponsor who facilitates the smooth setup of your business, advises on local laws and compliances, and provides good business connections.
  2. You needn’t spend time looking for a reliable Corporate Sponsor in Dubai and then building a rapport with them. We will nominate a well-reputed premier Corporate Sponsor who can act as your local partner in Dubai, become ready-made goodwill for your company, and add real value to support your business.
  3. Before hiring, we qualify the local sponsor by looking into every aspect via extensive preliminary checks, cross-checks, and background verification.
  4. We equip you with all the documentation you need to secure the financial and operational control of your business and protect your shareholder rights in your company. All of our agreements and documents are drafted by a trusted legal counsel.
  5. We make sure to get the corporate sponsorship agreement deed verified before signing it.


Corporate Sponsorship is a must for setting up an LLC company in Mainland Dubai. However, choosing the right local corporate sponsor is a daunting task. But with Creative Zone’s Corporate Sponsorship service, there is nothing to worry about! Our sponsorship consultants will assist you in identifying the right local sponsor for your business setup in Dubai. Call 800 LICENSE (5423673) to fix a free consultation appointment with one of our Business Setup Advisors today!


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