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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Set Up a Dubai Mainland Company

If you are an entrepreneur looking to set up your company in Dubai, you must decide where to set up –Dubai Mainland or Free Zone. Making the correct decision can drastically impact your business’ freedom and flexibility and your company’s future success. Opting to set up a Dubai mainland company (accredited by the Department of Economic Development (DED)) makes it is easier to grow your company, remain flexible, and enjoy some key benefits. Listed below are the top 5 reasons why you should set up a Dubai Mainland Company. 

Freedom to Trade across the UAE and Around the World: 

  • A Dubai mainland company has no restrictions regarding who you can trade with or where you can trade within Dubai and across the UAE. 
  • You can carry out any trade without having to worry about any trade permissions.  
  • You can get involved in the local trading and delivering services within the UAE. 
  • The free trade policies allow you to trade internationally and do business with complete freedom, both within the UAE and worldwide. 

Ability to Engage with UAE or GCC Governments: 

  • Dubai mainland companies can engage in business with government & semi-government entities in the UAE or the GCC. 
  • You can bid for lucrative government tenders and contracts in various fields, such as construction, real estate, transportation, and tourism that are worth billions of dollars per year. If your startup business activity matches the government project requirements, then you could benefit from an advantageous position 
  • Winning official government contracts will help you improve your company’s reputation and status, both in the UAE and internationally. 

Ability to Diversify your Business Operations: 

  • Dubais evolving smart city infrastructure is already, is likely to be increasingly useful as the country heads towards and beyond 2020. 
  • A Dubai mainland setup provides more scope for your business to adapt, evolve, and diversify quickly, taking business in new directions. 
  • If you plan to launch new products or services, enter new sectors, or execute new business activities, then a mainland company setup will be more conducive. The mainland license helps you to diversify cost-effectively and efficiently. 

Freedom to Expand your Business Across the UAE and Internationally: 

  • With a Dubai mainland company registration, you have the freedom to expand your business to other parts of Dubai and across the UAE by opening branches, increasing staff, etc. 
  • Dubai mainland companies have better growth prospects in the local market due to the UAE’s high market potential. 
  • With the Dubai mainland license, you have the flexibility to penetrate key foreign markets. You have the freedom to trade internationally and expand your presence globally. 

Access to Unlimited Visas: 

  • Unlike free zone entities, Dubai mainland companies can apply for unlimited Visas. So, they have more scope to hire additional staff to grow their business faster. 
  • However, the more Visas you apply for, the more office space or warehouse you need to have. Typically, you need to have 100 square feet of space per Visa. But if your mainland company employs lots of workers remotely, who do not require workspace, then you can negotiate the need to rent extra office space with the Dubai DED. 

If you are planning to set up a Dubai mainland company, then it is recommended you seek professional help from business setup consultants like Creative Zone. We can help you set up your mainland business quickly and easily. Call 800 LICENSE (5423673) to talk to one of our Business Setup advisors today! 

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