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Top 5 Reasons Why Co-Working Office Space is Best for Your Company

The work lifestyle and culture have changed drastically over the recent years, and now with the new normal, companies are exploring other innovative ways of working. More and more companies have now started to embrace the concept of co-working – which comes with several benefits. Here are the top 5 reasons why co-working office spaces can be excellent for your company. 

  1. Your EJARI is Sorted!

Big-sized co-working spaces come with an EJARI (tenancy contract) that helps you conduct business in peace and harmony. EJARI approved co-working spaces offer fully-serviced private offices with 24-hour access and all amenities.

  1. It Makes Complete Economic Sense!

Co-working office spaces are essentially shared workspaces that eliminate the need for expensive long-term leases, especially when you need the space for a short period. That is why for many solo business owners across the UAE, co-working spaces make real economic sense! They help you save money on office costs in multiple ways described below.

  • Lowers Your Rental Cost: With on-demand and shared co-working spaces, the ever-rising rental costs get divided between many firms. This division helps lower your office rental costs.
  • All-inclusive Rates:
    • The cost of co-working space includes everything you need to be productive and efficient in your daily routine. These shared workspaces offer office-like amenities, such as Flexi-Desks, open-air work desks, cubicles, private meeting rooms, F&B facilities, and a thriving working community, all in one single price!
    • Besides these facilities, co-working spaces organise regular events, workshops, and discussions to help members connect and collaborate and increase business opportunities.
    • Co-working plans may also include a commercial licence for your business.
  • Flexible Contracts: With flexibility at the core of its offerings, co-working spaces offer open space plans with flexible rental periods to freelancers and large corporates. You can rent an office space for a year, month, week, day, or even an hour!
  1. Helps Attract Best Talent!

With co-working spaces being seen as a significant perk for prospective employees, there is enormous potential for attracting and retaining a great talent pool. Co-working spaces help motivate employees to work harder by seeing how other employees work. Working with like-minded people helps increase their overall output. So, you are likely to generate more money for your company, thanks to happier and more productive employees!

  1. Smart Alternative to Work from Home!

Research from the UK indicates that as high as 92% of young workers aged 18-24 years feel they work best outside of the home. So, for many of the UAE’s young business owners and freelancers, co-working spaces serve as a perfect alternative to working from home. Here’s why.

  • Working from home makes it difficult to separate your private life from work. It also demands a lot of self-discipline since there are many distractions. Co-working spaces provide you a unique location to work from, avoiding all the homely distractions that negatively affect your performance. The rent-a-desk facility offers them a more focused alternative to sitting in a noisy café where they may not focus on their work.
  • There are also sociological and psychological benefits to co-working, such as overcoming feelings of isolation at home, leading to a lack of motivation. So, for those looking to escape the isolation of a home, co-working spaces provide them a co-working culture, enhancing their level of motivation and improving their performance.
  1. Provides Networking & Growth Opportunities

In a traditional office set-up, you get to interact with your co-workers only. But in a shared office space, you get to interact with other companies and create new relationships that wouldn’t exist in a private office. You get to learn how other SME owners and freelancers operate and form business relationships. Workshops, trade fairs, and networking events organised by some co-working spaces promote sharing ideas, on-site mentorship, and a diverse range of collaborative opportunities.


Co-working culture is fast becoming a key component of modern business models. Your start-up or SME can benefit from using the co-working strategy to save money, improve productivity, and boost creativity, cultivating success factors in a rapidly-evolving business world. 

If you are a freelancer or a start-up, our team at Creative Zone can help you set up your business quickly, without any hassle. We can even help you set up your office in a co-working space to save costs. Call 800 LICENSE (5423673) to speak to one of our Business Setup Consultants today!

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