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EXPO2020 Dubai: Business Opportunities for SMEs & Startups

The much-awaited EXPO2020 Dubai is scheduled from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

With more than 190 countries participating in the exhibition, it is one of the largest Expos in the world. It develops more business opportunities and provides the perfect launchpad for several cross-country business partnerships across the globe. The EXPO is the largest gateway to new markets for investors, on the back of relationships with the best businesses in the world.

The EXPO2020 is a part of the UAE government’s initiatives and dedicated efforts to attract small-scale investors in the country from around the world. This strategy of attracting small-scale investors through incentives and favourable policies has created numerous business opportunities for SMEs and startups during EXPO2020. Let us explore them.

Business Opportunities for SMEs & Startups During the EXPO2020

  1. Opportunities to Build Relationships with Clients and Customers: The EXPO2020 will open up a whole new horizon for small and medium scale businesses. By participating in the EXPO, the owners of SMEs and startups get the opportunity to connect and interact with the investors and the vast global corporate community and build long-term business partnerships that can bring in more profits.
  2. Opportunities to Create a Competitive Edge: Given the significance of startups and SMEs in the Global Value Chain (GVC), EXPO2020 helps connect innovative ideas with well-established companies to create a competitive edge. The event will provide more opportunities for businesses to be competitive on their pricing and brand value.
  3. Opportunities to Enhance Brand Value: The EXPO acts as the world stage for startups and SMEs to showcase their products on an international platform and build strategies to enhance the brand value.
  4. Opportunities for Business Growth: The event expects to generate billion dollars of revenue and foreign investments for the UAE, boosting the economy. And we know that a thriving economy is a springboard for new business opportunities. The timing of EXPO2020 coincides aptly with the UAE’s current business cycle (wherein the businesses are just starting to come out of the downturn due to the pandemic), giving the economy the required boost. Thus, the event will act as a catalyst for the growth of businesses and help them get back on track again.
  5. Boost to Businesses Through Improved Infrastructure: The EXPO2020 adds lasting value to the region by improving its infrastructure and logistical framework comparable to other international business centres. These include offices, residential spaces, cultural attractions, parks, leisure amenities, new roads, rail links, expanded airport capacity, and more. Any improvements to the city’s infrastructure will boost business.
  6. Boost to Other Business Sectors: While the UAE is already known for superior tourism, exceptional hospitality, and extensive retail offerings, EXPO2020 will boost other sectors as well. The visitors and investors will notice how the UAE is pushing boundaries in everything from construction to energy, finance, technology, and cutting-edge communications. This visibility will help position the UAE as an international player in all types of businesses. 
  7. Opportunities to Hire the Best International Talent: Any large-scale event creates thousands of new jobs and draws a rich wealth of skilled workers into the region. As EXPO2020 will create a far greater pool of skilled workers, startups and SMEs will have several opportunities to hire the best talent from around the world.


With millions of visitors and unrivalled global exposure, startups and SMEs must take advantage of EXPO2020 before the opportunity passes. But there is not much time left for the EXPO to start. This time limitation means that as an entrepreneur of a startup or even as an experienced business owner of an SME, you may not have enough time to explore and be left clueless.

Hence, to make the most of this opportunity, get proper advice from reliable business setup consultants like Creative Zone. We can help set up your company in Dubai in the shortest possible time, so you can fully benefit from EXPO2020. Call us at 800 LICENSE (5423673) to schedule a consult with one of our business setup advisors today!

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