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6 reasons setting up a Dubai Mainland Company is your route to business freedom

Opting for a Dubai Mainland company set up under the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) offers key benefits if you want maximum freedom and flexibility for your businessIf you are an entrepreneur or someone tasked with creating a startup in Dubai, considering setting up a Dubai mainland company is a crucial decision.

Here are the six key benefits when you set up a  Dubai Mainland  business:

  • Freedom to trade across Dubai and the UAE
  • Ability to trade internationally and expand your presence
  • Freedom to grow your company and team
  • Ability to diversify your offering
  • Ability to deal with UAE or GCC governments
  • Ability to create a flexible startup

Making the correct decision can dramatically alter your company’s dynamics and future success.

Freedom to trade across Dubai and in the UAE

Registered as a Dubai Mainland company means you have no restrictions regarding who you can trade with or where you can trade in Dubai, UAE.

By setting up on the mainland, you can plan for any type of trade, without having to worry about overstepping your trade permission throughout Dubai and across the UAE.

In short, you can:

  • Avoid trading restrictions
  • Trade across the UAE

There are some legal formalities when it comes to creating your mainland company in Dubai, including the need to be sponsored by a Dubai national. However, by seeking professional advice from a reputable business setup company, you can retain the management and financial control of your business.

Ability to trade internationally and expand your presence

Dubai Mainland registration gives your business the freedom to trade internationally, which is essential for many brands in our increasingly connected world.

It is also recommended to think about the future of your business. Are you planning on international expansion? Do you want the flexibility to penetrate key foreign markets?

Today’s rapidly changing world favors businesses with the flexibility to adapt. Imagine you have a product or service that is suddenly on-trend in a particular country. In such a case, you need to organize the logistics to penetrate it quickly.

Fundamentally, having a Dubai Mainland license means freedom and flexibility to grow and manage your business.

In short, you can:

  • Plan for future expansion
  • Trade internationally
  • Withdraw from markets
  • Quickly gain access to new markets

Freedom to grow your company and team

Every business has the goal to grow and succeed–something that Dubai Mainland registration gives you real scope to do.

Taking the mainland option means you can apply for unlimited visas. It’s worth noting that the more visas you apply for, the more warehouse or office space you need to have, which typically is 100 square feet per visa. The need to rent extra office space is usually negotiable with the Dubai DED if you employ lots of workers remotely who do not require a workspace.

In short, you can:

  • Apply for unlimited visas
  • Have the flexibility for business growth
  • Create new regional branches

Creating a Dubai Mainland company also allows you to expand your business branches to other parts of Dubai and across the UAE. If branch expansion is a key goal of your startup, consider a Dubai DED license.

Ability to diversify your offerings

Dubai’s evolving smart city infrastructure is already taking businesses in new directions, and the power to diversify is likely to be increasingly useful as the country heads towards and beyond 2020.

Opting for a Dubai mainland setup gives you significantly more scope for your business to evolve.

Fundamentally, having a Dubai Mainland license means the administrative process is smoother, faster, and less restrictive than your free zone competitors.

In short, you can:

  • Diversify your business easily
  • Reduce administrative processes

Ability to deal with the UAE or GCC governments

Mainland registration in Dubai has another potentially attractive feature–it gives you the scope to tender bids for lucrative government contracts.

If your startup is likely to offer services that match government projects, then you could place yourself in a very advantageous position. Indeed, UAE government contract work is worth billions of dollars per year. If your company becomes well-regarded by Dubai’s authorities, then you could create a blueprint for long-term business networking and growth.

In short, you can:

  • Bid for lucrative government contracts
  • Build prestige with clients via government projects

Winning official state contracts across the UAE will surely improve your business reputation and status, both in the country and internationally.

Ability to create a flexible startup

While establishing a Dubai Mainland registered company may seem daunting, working with the right company formation specialists can give you a package that is fast and fully comprehensive. When selecting who to work with, consider whether the package includes  these key benefits:

  • Business setup and registration
  • Automated legal administration
  • Dubai national sponsorship included
  • Fast and affordable
  • Visa and immigration processing
  • Dedicated service agency for your business

In the end, setting up a mainland company in Dubai is easier. So your next step should be to analyze your business plan for the next three years and determine whether Dubai Mainland registration is the right option.

The increasingly tech-savvy culture is predicted to accelerate the opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups across the UAE over the next decade. Taking the Dubai Mainland route may offer you the most flexibility when it comes to taking full advantage of an evolving world–both at home and abroad.

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