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Mainland Coworking License Dubai, UAE

A mainland coworking license gives you an affordable way to set up on the UAE mainland. Not only can you then benefit from being able to trade to and from the UAE mainland without taking on permanent premises, but you can also use a coworking space – enabling you to keep costs down while still having access to the full UAE marketplace. It’s an exciting proposition for any entrepreneur.

In this article, we’ll detail this cost-effective way of getting your business set up on the UAE mainland and will look at the following key areas so you’re fully equipped to make your decision:

  • Benefits of coworking license in Dubai, UAE
  • What is the cost of a Dubai mainland coworking license?
  • How to apply for a Dubai mainland coworking license
  • Working with Creative Zone

Benefits of coworking license in Dubai, UAE

Coworking is popular. Really popular. There are now estimated to be close to 20,000 coworking spaces across the globe. One report suggests that in 2019 there were 3.1 million coworkers around the world, with that number projected to almost double by 2022.

But why? Here are just a few reasons you might want to consider coworking as an office option for your business:

  • Save money: With a coworking license, you get the benefit of a premium location and top-level facilities without having to take on all the costs. No bills, no varying overheads. It’s ready to go when you are.
  • Get more done: Sometimes it’s tough to work from home with all the distractions. Equally, a corporate office isn’t always the most inspiring place. A coworking space fits well somewhere in between, giving you that dedicated place of work without the formality of an office. A great place to be creative for the entrepreneur.
  • Meet people: Being around like-minded people serves two important functions. The first is purely social, it’s good to be around people, it reduces feelings of isolation (particularly if you work by yourself a lot), and generally helps you feel more energized. But beyond that, you have the chance to meet your peers and future mentors, find potential future business partners or employees, as well as share your successes and challenges with other like-minded people ready to listen and offer advice.
  • Retain flexibility: You can use it as much or as little as you want, plus you have the option to expand at your own pace.

What is the cost of a Dubai mainland coworking license?

One of the first questions is of course around the cost of a coworking license in the UAE. You can obtain a Dubai mainland license for AED 23,000 with a coworking package and Ejari included, plus one-year free access to Zoho CRM and corporate banking setup support. The best way to get the latest details on all this and an accurate price is to contact Creative Zone who have the latest pricing information and can ensure you receive a tailor-made package that suits your needs.

How to apply for a Dubai mainland coworking license

Now we have covered the cost of a coworking license in the UAE, we can move on to the process of applying. The first two questions to resolve are as follows:

Decide on your business activity: It is vital that your chosen activity aligns exactly with the business activity you are going to undertake. To make sure everything here is clear and compliant, it’s worth bringing in the services of a company formation specialist to avoid fines or even cancellation of your license.
Choose a company name: The UAE is fairly strict when it comes to naming companies, so it’s important to be aware of the regulations. Essentially, you must avoid any language that could be seen as offensive or blasphemous. You must avoid any name that is already held by a well-known organization. If you’re naming your company after yourself, ensure that you don’t abbreviate your name. So Mike Smith Real Estate is fine, but M Smith Real Estate is not. Of course, you will also need to ensure your chosen company name is still available for you to register.

From there, you can follow these steps:

  • Prepare your documents and make payment
  • Reserve your business name
  • Receive approval
  • Sign the memorandum of association or local service agent agreement
  • Apply for your visa
  • Receive visa

Working with Creative Zone

Now is the time to work with a specialist to ensure your mainland coworking setup gets off on the right foot.

When you’re looking to set up a coworking license on the Dubai mainland you can be sure what you’re getting from Creative Zone is the latest, up-to-date info from people who deal with this every day.

While the setup process can be somewhat stressful, you can fast-track it by working with a company formation specialist. It’s the quickest way to get set up in the UAE, letting us take care of all the details and ensuring your application is free from errors.

We can also help you with opening a corporate bank account plus offer important advice on the type of financial institution that would best suit your requirements.

Here at Creative Zone, we offer you the best solutions to start your company in the UAE. You get fast, reliable, and unbiased advice on your unique business setup requirements. We can help you choose the right kind of license for your chosen business activity/activities, and take you through the entire process from start to finish.

You can let us deal with the hassle of registering a company while you focus on your business. And working with us means you get the best budget-friendly and cost-effective solution to help make your business dream a reality.

Over 10 years, Creative Zone has helped over 36,000 entrepreneurs set up their businesses. Whether it be a mainland business setup, offshore company setup, free zone company setup, or issuing of trade licenses and any related activity for registering a company, Creative Zone is your one-stop shop.

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