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Why Sharjah Publishing City is becoming a favorite free zone for entrepreneurs

Along the ranks of the UAE’s industry-specific free zones is Sharjah Publishing City (SPC), the world’s first jurisdiction that focuses on publishing and printing. With companies from over 20 different countries and frequent activities to support entrepreneurs, Sharjah Publishing City has grown significantly despite it having a more niche market of industries.

What exactly is driving entrepreneurs towards setting up in the Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone (SPCFZ)? This blog will dive into a couple of those reasons.

Reason 1: A Strategic Location

Sharjah Publishing City is located in the heart of the Emirate and is strategically positioned between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Its surrounded by major transportation routes, from seaports that connect to the east & the west, to airports that are 6-hour flights away from global markets. Sharjah even shares borders with the rest of the UAE’s emirates for better local operations.

In terms of enabling the local publishing industry, Sharjah has history here too. The emirate is known as the Culture Capital of the Arab World and is rich in museums and cultural centers like the Sharjah Art Museum, and the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization. It also hosts the annual Sharjah International Book Fair. All this makes SPC an ideal location for publishing companies looking to establish or expand their reach in the Middle East.

Reason 2: A Business-Friendly Environment

SPCFZ offers an environment that empowers entrepreneurs to succeed. The free zone offers a range of incentives, including 100% foreign ownership, exemptions from corporate or personal taxes, zero restrictions on currency exchange, the ability to hire expatriate workers, and no customs duties on imports and exports.

Adding to those incentives is the fact that Sharjah Publishing City has the fastest incorporation process, with business license issuing clocking in at a mere 45 minutes and UAE residency applications going for five days. Costs are not hefty either, as business license packages start at only AED 6,000

Reason 3: A Variety of Business Activities

Over 1,500 business activities are permissible for companies that set up in Sharjah Publishing City. These typically fall under publishing, printing, distribution services, and the likes. Furthering that is the ability to engage in up to five different activities under a single license, as well as an option of dual licensing which allows businesses to simultaneously operate from mainland UAE and the free zone.

Reason 4: State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

A very well-known benefit of doing business in the UAE is its modern infrastructure, and Sharjah Publishing City is no exception. Investors can expect provides state-of-the-art business and co-working spaces, accessible warehouses, storage, and shell & core facilities, noteworthy office amenities, and advanced telecommunication and IT services.

The jurisdiction is also rich in retail outlets, restaurants, cafes, and fitness centers, so entrepreneurs and their employees can enjoy their time-off within the area.

Reason 5: Supportive Public & Private Partnerships

In general, Sharjah’s government is heavily committed to supporting its entrepreneurs and businesses, providing a range of initiatives and programs to help them succeed. The Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa), for example, is an incubator that offers mentorship, training, and funding opportunities for startups and SMEs.

Besides that are initiatives native to SPC, such as the Sharjah Book Authority which promotes and enhances investments in the industry, the Sharjah International Literacy Agency which protects publisher rights and promotes Arabic cultural content, and the Sharjah International Book Fair – the 3rd largest of its kind in the world.

Enter Sharjah Publishing City with Creative Zone

With policies geared towards empowering the entrepreneur, coupled with a culturally rich business landscape, the surging popularity of Sharjah Publishing City is now less of a surprise. And although starting a business there is mostly hassle-free, working with company formation experts would still do a lot to lessen the stress and preparation needed.

Our team at Creative Zone is more than equipped to take on the task, having assisted over 55,000 entrepreneurs open and grow their businesses. We offer everything from incorporation to visa services, tax & accounting to marketing, ensuring that business owners have every single thing they need to become the next success story from SPCFZ. Take advantage of one of our free consultations today!

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