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The best time to start a business in the UAE is now

There’s never been a better time to set up a business in the UAE.

That’s according to Steve Mayne, managing partner at Creative Zone, who says the country’s raft of new SME laws has created a perfect launch pad for the emirate’s aspiring businesses.

“The UAE government has taken significant measures to establish solid foundations for the start-up ecosystem with new regulatory frameworks, increased government support, more venture capital investment and banking partnerships,” says Mayne, who established his popular business setup support firm in 2010.

With over 36,000 company setups under its belt, Creative Zone is now one of the largest business setup advisory firms in the UAE.

Based in Dubai, the company specialises in all types of business registrations, from offshore to mainland and free zones.

“We believe in providing not only company documentation but also equipping clients with the necessary tools to promote, develop, and grow their businesses beyond the trade licence application process,” says the managing partner.

“We are a business setup company with a difference. Our work doesn’t end with the issuance of your trade license and residency visa – it starts there.”

Identify passions, set goals

According to Mayne, successful aspiring entrepreneurs should be able to identify their passions and shape them into a vision with a viable business model.

He says setting goals, both business and personal, for the short term and the long term, are essential for achieving success.

“Anyone can have an idea, but I have learnt that not everyone can execute or deliver. Say what you are going to do, make no excuses, and do it,” says the business expert.

Mayne says networking is a critical aspect of being an entrepreneur.

“It is important to interact with like-minded people, secure mentorship, attend networking events and stay up-to-date with the latest industry news, knowledge and resources. Knowledge is power and it may lead to opportunities for business collaborations or new investments,” he says.

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