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Shams Free Zone License

Shams was launched in 2017 with a vision to be a world-class hub for media and creativity in the region. Shams mission is to make creative entrepreneurship accessible and inspire business growth in the region.

Establishing a company in this Free Zone with us has the following benefits:

  • Company setup options starting from AED 9,050 per year - We have fully inclusive packages starting from as low as AED 9,050 per year, as well as more comprehensive packages, which include an extensive range of business support services.
  • Physical presence in the UAE not required to incorporate your new company - The company formation process can be completed from the comfort of your own home via the Free Zone's simple and quick application process.
  • No NOC required - If you already hold a UAE residency visa, we don't require a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from your current sponsor in order to form your new company.
  • No Paid-Up Share Capital or Annual Audit - Unlike many other Free Zone options, you aren't hampered by having to block a large share capital amount with your bank in order to form your new company, nor do you have to go through the time and expense of a cumbersome company audit every year to renew your Business License.
  • 100% repatriation of Capital and Profits - Unlike many other countries, you will have full freedom to repatriate all your invested capital and profits. Furthermore, in the UAE there are also no foreign exchange controls and currency restrictions.
  • All Company Documentation issued within days - Thanks to our convenient and simple application process all your new company documentation will be issued within days.
  • Investor & Partner Visas - You have the ability to apply for an investor/partner visa for your company with the minimum age of 19 years old. Furthermore, the investor/partner visa is valid for 3 years.
  • Flexible visa allocation to better suit your company's requirements - You have the flexibility to staff your new company adequately from the outset, and unlike other Free Zone options, the visa allocation is available without having to rent large and costly office space.