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Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance as an Entrepreneur

The life of an entrepreneur is stressful by nature. Being a one-man show and trying to make ends meet can be hard on even the most seasoned of aspiring moguls. As such, most entrepreneurs experience difficulty balancing their personal and work life. If you ever feel like you’re constantly walking a fine line between your work and your social life, you may feel like you’re just waiting for everything to come crashing down. Rest assured, it’s time to breathe easy; read on for useful tips as to how you can reclaim the delicate work/life balance that you need.

Take Advantage of but Don’t Abuse Technology

With the information and technology age upon us, there are a variety of available business opportunities you’re able to pursue. Small and medium businesses setups are so commonplace in the UAE and practically everyone has the option of working anywhere with an internet connection. While this may seem like complete freedom, keep in mind that it can mean working longer hours and often comes with a sense of always being “at work”. Being “location independent” or working as an entrepreneur can be a tricky path to navigate. Just because you are able to check your email constantly, doesn’t mean you should. By setting up certain working hours for yourself and sticking to them, you will have more opportunities for free time. It may even be helpful to set dedicated hours to your social life, where you earnestly endeavor to not check your phone and enjoy some well deserved down time.

You Don’t have to do Everything

Just like being location independent can turn against you, so can the “illusion” of being finished work. If you are an entrepreneur or an SME business owner, you will always have the desire to get all of your work done. It is important to remember that your work is never finished. Just like when an author finishes their book, they are not “done” working. Redefine your goals and how you go about achieving them. This will lead to a feeling of fulfillment and a rebalance of your work and personal life. Your goal should never be to get everything finish, but rather just finish what is most important.

Set Boundaries & Priorities

In a city such as Dubai, with all its luxury and lavish lifestyle, it can be extremely easy to fall prey to the partying lifestyle. Many small business owners get too caught up in their social life and begin missing important business opportunities. With so many places to go and so many people to see, it’s easy to get distracted. It’s important to recognize that as much as you shouldn’t dedicate your entire life to your business, you also shouldn’t use your company setup to give you a free license to let loose and forget all about your professional goals and aspirations.

At the end of the day, maintaining a healthy work and personal life balance is ultimately up to you. If you’ve found that you’ve fallen off the path to success, follow these easy steps to get yourself back in balance!

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