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Joint Ventures, Technology Supply, and Rising Opportunities Discussed at the First In-Person UAE-Israel Business Roundtable

Dubai, December 14, 2020

Creative Zone, the Dubai based business advisory firm and Capital Club Dubai recently organised the first in-person UAE-Israel business roundtable conference to advance and speed up the dialogue between businesses of the two countries, as they look at opportunities created by the Abraham Accords.

Leading the roundtable talk were the distinguished panellists; Henrique Cymerman, President of Israel-GCC Chamber of Commerce and renowned international journalist for the Middle East, Gilad Carni Founder & CEO, UAE Israel Innovation Office, and James Khoury, Co-Founder & CEO, NEWME GCC & Israel Business Consultants and the session was moderated by Lorenzo Jooris, CEO, Creative Zone. 

The conference was described as a historic moment by many, as it was the first time the Israeli and UAE delegates, entrepreneurs, and business owners came together under one roof to network, understand the deep-rooted business dynamics of both countries’ and form long-term relationships. 

“The agreement between Israel and the UAE will bring positive changes not only between the two countries but will improve the symmetry between Israel and the Arab world altogether. With exchanges taking place in defence, intelligence, commerce, educational operations, technology and culture, the sky is the limit,” said Henrique. 

In practical terms, enabling Israeli based companies to establish themselves in the UAE or team up on a joint venture basis (whether contractual or corporate) is a boon for both Israeli businesses looking to expand into the Gulf region and UAE entities seeking to grow their trading networks. 

The UAE is the region’s trade, transport, and financial hub, and one of the world’s leading commercial centres. Israel, the ‘Startup Nation’, is an undisputed leader in technology and innovation, with the most per capita startups, R&D spending, tech unicorns, and the source of many of the world’s key enabling technologies. With direct flights and improved connection between the nations, the trade between Israel and the UAE is expected to reach $4 billion, complementing this will be the 1.25 million tourists that will flow between the two nations. 

“We are extremely excited with the future prospects as we will finally be able to share our products and services with the UAE, creating more opportunities for both countries. The highly advanced and deep technologies that we are producing are not only for the local consumption but are created for international markets, and we are thrilled to have the UAE as our partners in progress”, quoted Gilad Carni.

“We wanted to provide an opportunity to the business communities of both the sides to have an open dialogue, as it is vital for any relationship to grow. The event was sold out in minutes, that reflects people are ready to get on board and explore the massive economic opportunities this deal has sparked. As business setup advisors we believe it is our responsibility as well as privilege to lead the way forward to strengthen collaborations and promote business innovation,” said Lorenzo Jooris.

Both Israel and the UAE are countries that live in their present with a brave view of the future along with a strong connection to their traditions, beliefs, and past. Indeed, the outcome of this agreement, the business relations that it is opening for independent entrepreneurs, startup companies and investors, has hope written all over it. 

About Creative Zone:

Creative Zone is Dubai’s largest and most trusted business setup advisory firm. Creative Zone’s registration professionals have helped thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs and SMEs grow their businesses in the UAE since its launch by Mahesh Dalamal and Steve Mayne in 2010. The Company was created with a simple yet revolutionary model for the UAE marketplace; to serve as a one-stop-shop, with flexible payment plans, for easy company incorporation. Creative Zone has now evolved to provide added business support services to create an ecosystem that helps entrepreneurs and SMEs to set up, sustain, and grow their businesses and contribute to the UAE’s position as the global location of choice for company setup. 

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