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How to start a pest control business in Dubai

While pest control might not be a career for everyone, for those who want to do it, they can earn a good living from the profession, as there is growing demand for such services from domestic and commercial clients alike in Dubai.
If you are interested in starting a pest control business in Dubai, then this article outlines how it can be done, and covers:

• An overview of the global pest control industry
• What a pest control business does in Dubai
• Steps to opening a pest control business in Dubai
• Pest control licence requirements in Dubai
• Cost of starting a pest control business in Dubai
• How Creative Zone can help

An overview of the global pest control industry

Pest control is a global industry, although the type of pests involved differs across the world. The market was valued at $20.6 billion in 2019, and it is forecast to grow to $30 billion by 2030. In the years to 2027, the sector is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.2%.

In the Middle East and Africa, the market was worth $2.52 billion in 2021, and is expected to top $3 billion by 2026. The market is growing across the Middle East due to the increase in economic activity in the area, along with high temperatures across the region.

With such a growing market, it means there are plenty of opportunities for a new business to get established in the sector and take a healthy chunk of the market.

What a pest control business does in Dubai

The aim of a pest control business is to prevent or eliminate infestations of pests from homes and workplaces. Pests come in many forms, including rodents, termites, cockroaches, insects, birds or any other creature that can cause a nuisance in an urban environment. This is done using toxins, natural baits, traps and closing points of entry. In some cases, a home or workplace may need to be fumigated to completely rid it of the pest(s) in question.

There is a seasonal element to pest control businesses, although work is there all year round. In hotter months, there may be more call for the control of flies or ants, while in cooler times, there may be more demand for services to get rid of rodent infestations, as they seek out warm places to shelter.

Steps to opening a pest control business in Dubai

If you want to establish a pest control business in Dubai, then there are certain steps that need to be completed.
One of the first that you will need to do is to choose a name for the business. While this may sound simple, Dubai has some rules that entrepreneurs need to be aware of. The business cannot have the same name as any existing company in Dubai – even if they are in different sectors – and there can be nothing blasphemous or offensive in it.

After this, an application must be made to the Dubai Department of Development for a trade licence. Along with a completed application form, you will need to submit a copy of the passport of the owner(s) and two passport-sized colour photographs.

In addition, approval is needed from the Dubai Municipality. The application is usually reviewed within a working week, and, if approved, they will issue a No Objection Certificate.

Another step required before you can begin your pest control business is to ensure the owner(s), along with the supervisor and all technicians, have visas.

The owner(s) of the business, by holding a UAE business licence, can also sponsor other people’s visas, such as close family or domestic staff. How many visas you can apply for is dependent on how big the business is, how it is set up and, with visas for dependents, how much money you earn.

The company setup and visa application processes in Dubai do have their complexities, which is why it is worth engaging a company formation specialist such as Creative Zone to help make the process as smooth and stress-free for the entrepreneur as possible. Contact us today for more information and a bespoke quote: www.creativezone.ae/contact-us/.

Pest control licence requirements in Dubai

Obtaining a pest control licence in Dubai requires the entrepreneur to sit an exam in pest control, and they have to achieve a mark of 70 in order to get the licence. Tests can be booked online, and results are usually confirmed within a few weeks of the exam being taken. If the exam is failed, it can be retaken in a month.

After the licence has been issued, there are further requirements that need to be put in place before the business can start trading. A supervisor must be appointed, who is a qualified engineer with a degree in agriculture, pesticide protection, public protection or similar and with more than a year’s experience in pest control.

A minimum of two technicians will also have to be recruited. The technicians, along with the supervisor, will need the relevant pest control qualifications and must have sat exams set by the Dubai Municipality.

The company will also need to have vehicles – usually vans or pickups – which are registered under the name of the business.

Cost of starting a pest control business in Dubai

There are many costs that must be considered when setting up a pest control business in Dubai. In the business setup in Dubai process, there is the business licence, which costs from AED 10,000 to AED 20,000, as well as the costs of exams (although these are small): a supervisor exam costs AED 220, and a technician exam is charged at AED 120. Visa costs will also have to be factored in.

But there are other costs related to the physical business, such as buying or renting premises and vehicles and buying the equipment needed. Then there is the cost of hiring the supervisor and technicians and their ongoing wages. Plus, there are overheads such as stock and marketing to get the business known in the area.

For more information, contact Creative Zone for a custom quote to see how much you could save: www.creativezone.ae/contact-us/.

How Creative Zone can help

As demand for pest control services increases, it is the ideal time to set up a business that deals with this. However, the process for setting up a pest control business in Dubai does have some complexities that are not found in other sectors.

This is one of the reasons to engage a business setup specialist such as Creative Zone to help establish the pest control business. Our consultants are experts and can make sure that all the correct licences are in place and the setup process is completed as quickly as possible to allow you to get on and make money.

Creative Zone has helped to set up many companies in Dubai and our consultants are experts in ensuring applications are right first time, so the process isn’t delayed.

Prices offered by free zones are subject to change without notice. Please get in touch with Creative Zone for an updated price based on the current promotions and availability.

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