Corporate Tax in Dubai 2023


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Corporate Tax in Dubai 2023

Join our webinar to gain a comprehensive overview of the Corporate Tax in Dubai landscape, exploring its significance, regulations, and implications for businesses operating in the region. Discover strategies to optimize your corporate tax planning, enhancing your financial efficiency and ensuring compliance with confidence.

Our expert speakers, Mohamed Al Sayed, Head of Tax at Creative Zone Tax & Accounting, and Zeeshan Toor, General Manager (ACCA, CMA, UAECA) at Creative Zone Tax & Accounting will help you stay updated on the latest changes in the UAE Corporate Tax law, understand its impact on your business, and equip you with the tools needed to succeed in the UAE business environment.

Our experts will guide you through the measures needed to align your business with the ESR requirements, and you will learn about the tax benefits and exemptions available in UAE’s designated free zones, empowering you to make informed decisions about your business’s location and structure.

Neha Thomas, Head of Marketing at Creative Zone, will moderate the session, ensuring a smooth and informative discussion.

Reserve your spot to stay ahead of the curve with latest updates and key insights on the UAE Corporate Tax law.


Neha Thomas


Mohamed Al Sayed

Head of Tax, Creative Zone Tax & Accounting

Mohamed Sayed is a Registered Tax Agent, accredited by the Federal Tax Authority, holding a high degree of training and accuracy in administrative, legal and practical elements of tax. A former employee of the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in the UAE, Mohamed was also awarded the GCC VAT Compliance Diploma from the Association of Taxation Technicians. His expertise in tax and company law has assisted clients in public as well as private sectors. Mohamed helps you not only to remain tax compliant but also stay one step ahead of the curve with the latest updates from the FTA. Currently, Mohamed is presently the Head of Tax at Creative Zone Tax & Accounting, tailoring the best solutions for our clients to ensure complete compliance.

Zeeshan Toor

General Manager (ACCA, CMA, UAECA), Creative Zone Tax & Accounting

Zeeshan Toor brings the highest standard of quality to work. Having a diverse experience and keen insights towards management, allows him to read between the lines and understand the needs of the clients on a very minute level. Accredited with World renowned Professional Certifications like ACCA, CMA and UAECA equips him with the essentials skills required to provide value for money services to clients. His hard work got him featured in the PwC's Academy Monthly Newsletter. His excellent analytical skills, strategic thinking and independent advice for the clients aids management decisions, brings efficiency, improves workflow and adds value to a growing business.

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