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Start-Up Forward | The New Millenia of Entrepreneurship


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Start-Up Forward | The New Millenia of Entrepreneurship

Join us for an enlightening business panel session that delves into the dynamic startup world—discussing activation opportunities in fintech and preparing for future trends to elevate this growing market.

We invite you to share insight with Omar Al Busaidy, Founder of Global Possibilities, Lorenzo Jooris, CEO of Creative Zone, Mohammad Al Blooshi, CEO of DIFC Innovation Hub, and Obediah Ayton, Director of Dhabi Holding Co. As well as strategic business leadership keynote session delivered by Dr. Corrie John Block, Forbes Coaches Council. It is an event with many aspects of learning, networking and thriving through the startup ecosystem.


Lorenzo Jooris

Lorenzo Jooris

CEO, Creative Zone

Lorenzo Jooris è il CEO di Creative Zone, la principale società di consulenza aziendale di Dubai. Jooris vanta un'ampia e diversificata esperienza nei mercati commerciali del Medio Oriente e dell'Asia meridionale e mantiene un'opinione esperta sulle PMI e sulla cultura delle startup di queste regioni. È stato il fondatore di One World Communications, una vera e propria centrale multimediale che fornisce consulenza ai governi di tutto il mondo in materia di strategie di branding e comunicazione. In seguito ha dato vita alla rivista LEADERS Middle East negli Emirati Arabi Uniti e ha ideato "Leaders without Borders", un'iniziativa che promuove lo sviluppo dei giovani imprenditori sociali e il dibattito sulle Power Women of Arabia. Nel 2018 è entrato a far parte di Arton Capital in qualità di vicepresidente della crescita e della strategia globale, dove ha supervisionato l'espansione internazionale dell'azienda e si è occupato di vendite, marketing ed eventi in tutto il mondo. Lorenzo crede fermamente nel ritorno alla comunità e all'interno di Creative Zone ha promosso iniziative significative per aiutare e sostenere startup e imprenditori promettenti. È anche autore di "Ricette per un mondo migliore" e consulente della James Michel Foundation.


Dr. Corrie Block

Forbes Coaches Council

Dr. Corrie John Block is driven by a profound passion for guiding individuals towards discovering meaning in their professional lives. Recognized as the "UAE's Top Business Coach" by reputable entities, Dr. Block has accumulated over 25 years of experience as a business strategist, leadership expert, and Executive Coach, working with more than 150 companies globally. His expertise extends to strategic consulting for influential organizations such as Microsoft, the Council of Europe, the UN, SERCO, and the World Bank. Dr. Block's commitment to meaningful work is evident in his diverse roles as a practitioner, academic, award-winning innovator, accomplished author, and sought-after international speaker.

Mohammad Al Blooshi

CEO, DIFC Innovation Hub

Mohammad Al Blooshi is a prominent figure within the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), renowned as the preeminent financial hub for the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. As a key member of the DIFC Authority, Mohammad plays a pivotal role in advancing the vision of positioning the DIFC as a global business hub for technology. With a specialized focus on FinTech and Innovation, he contributes significantly to the growth of the DIFC by overseeing and developing strategic initiatives that align with Dubai's vision of becoming a leading global business destination. Mohammad's expertise extends to business development, and he is a driving force behind the DIFC's comprehensive FinTech and venture capital environment.

Obediah Ayton

Director, Dhabi Holding Co.

Obediah is currently the Director of Dhabi Hold Co, which manages a portfolio of operational businesses internationally. Mr Ayton in the past has successfully completed over $500 Million of advisory and financial transactions across Europe, USA and MENA region as a former executive of a Family Office called Tennor Holding . He has raised capital for The Bezos Family Foundation Anchored fund "Highpost Capital" together with Mark Bezos as General Partner.

Omar Al Busaidy

Founder, Global Possibilities

Omar Al Busaidy is driven by an unwavering passion for government affairs and public policy. With a rich background spanning 18 years in government, he has cultivated extensive expertise in advising individuals, businesses, and government agencies. Omar excels in developing comprehensive strategies and offering keen insights into Middle East decision-making processes, particularly in the realms of economic, technological, political, and social affairs. His commitment to fostering meaningful connections is evidenced by the robust network he has built with key decision makers across both public and private sectors.


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