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Side Hustlin’ to Mainstream Dreams


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Side Hustlin’ to Mainstream Dreams

Living in a corporate world and exploring other avenues

Starting your own business doesn’t have to mean immediately leaving your current job behind. Many successful entrepreneurs and professionals recognize that you can keep both, at least at the early stages. In doing so, you learn more, and faster, than would otherwise be possible, and enables you to custom-craft a career that’s uniquely interesting and meaningful to you.

Creative Zone partners with The Gaggler to bring you an exclusive panel discussion featuring four incredible businesswomen who have gone through the journey of starting a side hustle in their corporate job, to transitioning over fully to realize their dreams of having their own businesses.

Forming the panel are Achasah Zipporah and Suegoli Sirjani – Co-Founders of Women Who Thrive – the UAE’s leading women’s networking platform, and Jen Serak – Wellness and Life Coach. We are proud to have Monica Malhotra, CEO of The Gaggler, and proud long-standing client of Creative Zone, moderating the session.

About The Gaggler

The Gaggler is an online publishing platform that provides regionally relevant content, with diverse points of view, and authentic storytelling. The platform features clickable actions for the viewer to deep dive into the topic or to efficiently make purchase decisions after reading product reviews, expert advice, or life hacks on its website. The Gaggler aims to enrich women’s thoughts, offer diverse perspectives and ideas, and create awareness about insightful topics specific to women.



    Achasah Weinreb

    Co-Founder, Women Who Thrive

    Achasah Zipporah is the co-founder of Women Who Thrive; a Women’s networking platform based in the UAE which provide a 360 degree focus on Women’s Wellness. Achasah’s experience stems from an educational environment and has a strong background in learning & development. More recently, she has changed career path and is now an Executive Assistant within the Sports industry. Alongside her busy day job, Achasah has pursued a career as a successful business owner, host, and presenter. Women Who Thrive have recently appeared in Time Out Magazine in the ‘10 brilliant social groups to join in Dubai’ and earlier in the year had hosted the inaugural Women Who Thrive Award ceremony where they honoured and celebrated some of Dubai’s most thriving women. The platform holds monthly events and is soon to launch a website to provide women with knowledge on a variety of topics whilst providing them with a safe space to meet and network. Their events provide an opportunity for women who are local industry experts to come along and impart their knowledge to the attendees. An example of some of the topics they have covered are Financial & Business wellness, Nutritional wellness & Health & Beauty wellness.

    Jen Serak

    Wellness and Life Coach

    Jen Serak is a teacher and spiritual life coach who empowers people to become their best versions and live life on their own terms. A natural-born empath and intuitive, she calls upon the energy of her clients to help them clear emotional blocks and release trauma.

    Taking a holistic approach to coaching, Jen combines various energy healing techniques, meditation, and therapies into each session. Jen believes having a safe space is a vital component to begin a healing journey; and that is exactly what she provides for her clients.

    Suegoli Sirjani

    Co-Founder, Women Who Thrive

    Sue (40) is a passionate and successful woman who has built a reputable reputation as being known to always go above and beyond to help & support others. Sue was born and raised in the UK but has been living in Dubai since 2015. She is currently working as an operations Manager at a financial firm while also taking on the responsibility of co-leading Women Who Thrive. Sue's passion for helping women comes from her diverse background and life experiences of trying to find her tribe and life purpose. Her parents are from Iran and Lebanon, and she has experienced first-hand the challenges that women from different cultures face. Sue is a natural leader and has a talent for bringing people together. She is a skilled communicator and is passionate about helping women and the next generation of young women build the confidence and skills they need to succeed. Sue's dedication to empowering women is truly inspiring, and she is making a significant impact through her work with Women Who Thrive Above all, Sue is a firm believer in the power of LOVE and works to spread positivity and kindness wherever she goes.

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