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How SMEs Are Taking Part of Exporting From the UAE


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How SMEs Are Taking Part of Exporting From the UAE

On this exciting webinar, we sit with industry experts to discuss the current state of exporting from the UAE, the future of Abu Dhabi as a global hub for export and how SMEs are playing a role in this growing industry.

Joining our moderator Lorenzo Jooris, CEO of Creative Zone will be Mr. Jonpaul Simpson of LTFS, Ms. Amal Alameh of Euromonitor MEA and India, Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal of ITC, and Mr. Zishan Iqbal of ECI. Our industry experts will share insider knowledge and their unique perspectives on the export industry, and best practices for SMEs and entrepreneurs looking to successfully play a role.

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    Lorenzo Jooris

    Lorenzo Jooris

    CEO, Creative Zone

    Lorenzo Jooris is the CEO of Creative Zone, Dubai’s leading business advisory firm. Jooris holds extensive and diverse experience in the Middle Eastern and South Asian business markets and retains an expert opinion on the regions’ SMEs and startup culture. He was the founder of One World Communications, a full-fledged multi-media powerhouse advising governments around the world in branding and communication strategies. He, later on, started LEADERS Middle East Magazine in the UAE and formulated ‘Leaders without Borders’ an initiative that promotes young social entrepreneurs’ development and Power Women of Arabia Debate. In 2018, he joined Arton Capital as the Vice President of global growth and strategy where he oversaw the international expansion of the company and was in charge of sales, marketing and events worldwide. Lorenzo is a firm believer in giving back to the community, and within Creative Zone he has spearheaded significant initiatives to help and support promising startups and entrepreneurs. He is also the author of “Recipes for a Better World” and serves as an advisor to the James Michel Foundation.


    Amal Alameh

    Head of Consulting Euromonitor, MEA and India

    Amal is the Head of Consulting in MEA and India at Euromonitor International. Based in Dubai, she has more than 16 years of experience in custom research and consulting solutions.

    Amal oversees custom research operations in MEA and India and is highly active in the design, development and execution of research-based solutions provided to regional and global clients. Her support of and involvement in over 200 projects has expanded her experience in different verticals such as trade and export, investor services, retail, packaging and others. Her focus within Euromonitor has been on consumer and B2B payments, covering product strategy and innovation within B2B and B2C offerings, sector dynamics and the competitive landscape.

    Prior to joining Euromonitor, Amal worked as a senior consultant with a local boutique consultancy in Dubai. Her role was managing projects with local and regional government agencies to develop and enhance their performance management and strategic planning systems. Another focus for her was process and quality management and helping organizations set up ISO 9001 quality management systems.

    Dr. Rajesh Aggarwal

    Director Division of Market Development, ITC

    Dr. Aggarwal has held positions as Director of Division for Business and Institutional Development, Chief of Trade Facilitation & Policy for Business, and Chief of Office for Africa at ITC. He has contributed to building conducive business environment by promoting MSME interests in multilateral/regional/bilateral trade negotiations, policy and regulatory reforms.

    Before joining ITC, Rajesh served the Government of India for over 22 years in senior positions including India’s negotiator in the WTO covering Agriculture, TRIPS and Public Health, Rules and Trade & Investment. He has published many papers on issues related to trade policy and negotiations.

    Jonpaul Simpson

    Director of Logistics

    Jonpaul is currently the Director of Trade Facilitation in the DED, with 18+ years’ experience of managing, facilitating, and coordinating global high-profile trade facilitation and logistics projects. He has a proven track-record of achieving successful strategic policy outputs and has worked in both a consultant and in-house capacity for major government institutions such as Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (DED), Abu Dhabi Department of Transport, European Commission, UK Department of Transport and AECOM.

    Zishan Iqbal

    Director of Murabaha Solutions

    Zishan Iqbal Muhammad is the Director of Medium & Long Term and Murabaha Solutions at Etihad Credit Insurance. In his current role, Zishan heads Shariah Compliant Trade Credit and Political risk solutions function and is responsible for building a quality portfolio with a special focus on Abu Dhabi, thus supporting UAE businesses and manufacturers interested in shariah compliant solutions to expand and grow into new markets. Zishan also spearheads ECI’s Medium & Long-Term department responsible for Buyer’s Credit, Supplier’s Credit, Project Finance and Political Risk solutions supporting UAE companies’ international growth. In both departments, his efforts are focussed on helping UAE corporates to enhance their “Global Competitiveness” as integral part of ECI’s strategy in line with the strategies of the U.A.E Federal Government to boost exports & re-exports, domestic trade, Investments and economic diversity, as envisaged in Vision “We the UAE 2031”.

    Over the last two decades, Zishan has held vital positions in established multilateral & financial institutions and industry.

    In his previous role as the Country Head of Trade Sales, Client Management and Structured Solutions at the Saudi British Bank (SABB-HSBC), Zishan had led a team of technically proficient professionals across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia specialising in trade finance, structured trade and open account solutions. Prior this that, he was heading Business Acquisition Division at ICIEC – Islamic Corporation for Insurance of Investment and Export Credit, responsible for expanding into 25 OIC countries where his contributions has resulted into sizeable increase in the portfolio spanning across multiple products in wider jurisdictions. Prior to that, he has also been an asset to institutions like Bank Al-Bilad, E.A. JUFFALI & Brothers, MCB Bank limited Pakistan and American Express Bank limited Pakistan.

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