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Build Your Business Venture in Abu Dhabi


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Build Your Business Venture in Abu Dhabi

Join us for an exciting and informative webinar on Building YourBusiness Venture in Abu Dhabi! This webinar will explore the dynamic startup ecosystem in Abu Dhabi and the numerous opportunities available for entrepreneurs. 

Our expert panel will provide valuable insights on scaling up businesses in Abu Dhabi, touch on the funding options available for SMEs, and discuss the key things that investors and SMEs consider when looking into investment opportunities.

We’ll also share advice on building relationships and networking in Abu Dhabi’s business culture, as well as tips for successfully navigating the VC industry in the region. 

Don’t miss this chance to learn more about the ever growing SME and VC industry in Abu Dhabi. Register now!


Lorenzo Jooris

Lorenzo Jooris

CEO, Creative Zone

Lorenzo Jooris is the CEO of Creative Zone, Dubai’s leading business advisory firm. Jooris holds extensive and diverse experience in the Middle Eastern and South Asian business markets and retains an expert opinion on the regions’ SMEs and startup culture. He was the founder of One World Communications, a full-fledged multi-media powerhouse advising governments around the world in branding and communication strategies. He, later on, started LEADERS Middle East Magazine in the UAE and formulated ‘Leaders without Borders’ an initiative that promotes young social entrepreneurs’ development and Power Women of Arabia Debate. In 2018, he joined Arton Capital as the Vice President of global growth and strategy where he oversaw the international expansion of the company and was in charge of sales, marketing and events worldwide. Lorenzo is a firm believer in giving back to the community, and within Creative Zone he has spearheaded significant initiatives to help and support promising startups and entrepreneurs. He is also the author of “Recipes for a Better World” and serves as an advisor to the James Michel Foundation.


Kareem Elsirafy

Managing Partner, Modus Capital

Kareem Elsirafy is Managing Partner at Modus, a Venture Platform in MENA comprised of Venture Building, VC funds, and a Corporate Innovation arm. Modus builds, supports, and invests in impact-driven ideas and founders, providing more than just the financial investment needed to succeed.

Kareem leads a multi-disciplinary team consisting of international experts, spanning six countries and four continents with deep industry, investment, and entrepreneurship backgrounds to help startups turn innovative ideas into venture-backed businesses.

With almost two decades of experience in technological solutions for both commercial and social problems, Kareem is both a seasoned entrepreneur and investor with comprehensive experience in the development of early-stage tech.

While capital is crucial to driving an early-stage startup’s growth, Kareem’s mantra is that deploying operational, institutional, and financial capital is the key to creating a foundation for the development of exceptional entrepreneurs and high-impact innovation ecosystems in MENA and other emerging innovation ecosystems.

In 2011, Kareem co-founded Uniteus.com, a network care coordination SaaS platform that initially helped military veterans transition to civilian life. The platform expanded to the entire US Health and Human Services industry, raising $195M in total capital at a $1.65B valuation, making it a unicorn. Kareem also founded M1 Marketing Firm in 2007, which exited for 22x in 2009. He has held executive roles at various NYC-based companies, providing strategic advisory and execution for public institutions such as the U.S. Departments of Veterans Affairs and U.S. Departments of State, as well as private corporations such as Google, MetLife, IMG, Ally Bank, Pepsi, and Citibank.

Obediah Ayton

Director, Dhabi Hold Co

Obediah is currently the Director of Dhabi Hold Co, which manages a portfolio of operational businesses internationally. Mr Ayton in the past has successfully completed over $500 Million of advisory and financial transactions across Europe, USA and MENA region as a former executive of a Family Office called Tennor Holding . He has raised capital for The Bezos Family Foundation Anchored fund "Highpost Capital" together with Mark Bezos as General Partner.

Ryan Adams

Managing Partner, Raha Beach Ventures

Ryan Adams is a founder, investor, and senior technology executive who excels at defining the technology vision, strategy, and execution roadmap to develop and bring innovative offerings to market and position companies for accelerated commercial success. Ryan has a track record of building and scaling new businesses, directing multimillion-dollar projects, and forging trusted client relationships. He is a hands-on technical leader with an extensive background encompassing software engineering, cyber security, and big data analytics. He is also a passionate innovator directly responsible for creating valuable intellectual property and commercial software products achieving hundreds of millions (AED) in sales. 

Victor Kiriakos

Founder and CEO, Dunes Ventures

Victor Kiriakos is the Founder and CEO of Dunes Ventures, a hybrid venture studio located in the UAE. Dunes Ventures supports founders, corporates, and governments in developing pioneering companies that create exponential impact. Prior to his entrepreneurial venture,

Victor served as GM-UAE at Careem, where he contributed significantly to scaling the company’s Super App proposition, pivoting its food business, and launching its subscription program.

Victor has over eight years of experience in investing, building, and scaling digital start-ups, and he has a proven track record as a venture capitalist. He has worked with Precinct Partners, Flat6Labs, and Intigral, where he acquired valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship.


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