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Creative Zone learning partner Mindcloud Academy offers a broad range of programmes that allows one to Test New Ideas, Level Up Business Skills, and Transform Businesses.

Mind Cloud Academy delivers specialised programs (KHDA-Certified) for entrepreneurs, executives, and business owners who want to level up and succeed. The flagship program of Mind Cloud is a hands-on educational experience where entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs come together for 10 weeks of ideation, iterating, testing, measuring, planning and building. At its core, Mind Cloud Program invites participants to master leadership skills.

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Mind Cloud offers a number of programs and workshops for the regional community of entrepreneurs intrapreneurs to take their visions and ideas and build strong business cases that create impact.

A 10-week program covering the A to Z of the skillset and mindset of successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.


8 demo days. 7 VC Firms
A night of VCs, VIPs, angel investors, and entrepreneurs getting together to connect and watch Mind Cloud’s latest cohort presenting their startups.


30 workshops. 1600 registered
2-hour workshops focusing on key challenges and hot topics such as launching a venture and scaling up a business that’s stuck.

  • Business Model
  • Sales and Operations
  • Leadership
  • Marketing and PR
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Governance/Legal
  • Design Thinking
  • Scaling Up
  • Finance & Valuation
  • Pivoting Your Model
  • Support Future Success Stories
  • Give people who want to create the next wave of innovations the ultimate A to Z training
  • Create Measurable Impact
  • Put your company at the forefront of supporting entrepreneurs, creators, and the society
  • Solve Corporate Challenges
  • Discover new ways and approaches of solving existing corporate challenges
  • Learning and Development
  • Develop and build new capabilities for your team by up-skilling the people you currently have
  • Change The Mindset and Culture
  • Encourage employees to take the initiative and adopt an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Spark Innovation From Within
  • Produce innovative ideas and new projects throughout your organization.
About mind cloud academy

Mind Cloud Academy is an intensive, 10-week entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship program designed for high-performing individuals who want to level up and succeed in today’s market. Part masterclass and part workshop, the Mind Cloud Academy program combines the latest concepts in business innovation, growth strategy, digital marketing, finance, and more with facilitations and practical exercises so that you know how to actually do it rather than just be well read about it.The Mind Cloud Academy program is designed by and delivered by a hand-selected lineup of leaders and experts who are currently practicing the very strategies, tools, and processes you will be learning during the program.

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