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An E-Commerce Success Story

Creative Zone invited Mona Ataya, CEO and Founder of Mumzworld, for a webinar to discuss her journey as an entrepreneur, the role of technology and e-commerce in the retail industry, and how she remodelled her business strategies to meet ever-evolving consumer needs and behaviours. The session was hosted by Lorenzo Jooris, CEO Creative Zone.

Mona Ataya first started Mumzworld after experiencing several gaps in the products and services offerings for children. As the marketing head in an E-commerce company, Mona fully realised the potential of the E-commerce industry and knew it was the only way ahead. She identified the problems that new moms were facing when it came to buying good quality products for their toddlers, the prices were very steep, the range was limited, did not appeal to the Arabic community due to language issue, the delivery took a long time and many others.

Mona started Mumzworld with the aim to solve this primary problem but the mission of Mumzworld transcended, and now the company has created a community of mothers who share knowledge, experience and their unique journeys through their website; the company has become a one-stop-shop not only for buying products for their children but also an inclusive platform for Mothers where they feel belonged and can turn to solve their problems. Mumzworld also holds monthly/weekly training and chat events where experts are called to advise and answer their questions.

Mumzworld has served 2.5 million mothers’ needs in a broad range of supplies. The company offers two hundred and fifty thousand products currently and out of which many products are sold exclusively only through Mumzworld.


Mona believes in constantly adapting and keeping oneself updated, the company’s engagement activities are a powerful way through which they keep a track of what the consumer wants, what is causing the problem and what products they would like to buy.

 As a result Mumzworld recently added a range of products that are plastic-free, organic, and sustainable. Upon being asked how do they maintain balance in having a host of products and what the customers really need. She revealed that it is important to know the target customer and since it is a virtual platform we can educate the client, give them the luxury of comparing one product from another unlike a physical store where it is up to the owner to decide which products to display, a virtual platform is limitless.


Mona acts as a mentor to many aspiring women entrepreneurs and is on the board committee of Entrepreneurs of the UAE. During the session Mona answered several crucial questions about having one’s start-up, growing it and what the future holds for E-commerce businesses.

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