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As global business requirements evolve to incorporate increasingly intricate structures, Creative Zone Premier has stepped forward to fill this niche. We are devoted to providing bespoke, personalized services, tailored for High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and business investors. Our refined offerings focus on facilitating comprehensive solutions in Trusts and Foundations, Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) and Holding Companies, as well as Offshore Structuring. These services have been carefully designed to accommodate those who aspire to expand their global business reach.

Our purpose is twofold: to help broaden your business footprint and enhance your investment performance.



Trusts and Foundations

Creative Zone’s Premier Trusts and Foundations services are designed for high-profile individuals and business leaders seeking efficient wealth and estate management solutions. Trusts and Foundations not only serve as ideal mechanisms for asset protection, but also thrive in the right jurisdiction. The UAE, particularly with our strategic partnerships with ADGM and DIFC, provides a robust regulatory framework, strong asset protection, and advantageous tax benefits, all within a highly confidential environment. Our team’s comprehensive approach covers every aspect from the initial consultation, legal paperwork, through to the ongoing management of your Trust or Foundation. We’re committed to securing your wealth, ensuring a robust legacy for future generations.

SPVs and Holding Companies

Our Premier SPVs and Holding Companies services make managing financial risks, assets, and facilitating international business operations more accessible than ever. Catering to ambitious businesses and savvy investors, we provide strategic financial management and business growth solutions. With our partnership with RAK ICC, we offer access to a welcoming business environment characterized by strong corporate laws, world-class infrastructure, and significant tax benefits. Our seasoned team is committed to assisting at every step, from the establishment of your SPV or Holding Company to its operational management. We focus on ensuring optimal business performance and effective risk management in today’s globally competitive landscape.

Offshore Structuring

Creative Zone’s Premier Offshore Structuring services offer ambitious businesses and discerning investors the strategic advantage of international diversification. Offshore structures are utilized for various purposes, including asset protection, tax optimization, and ease of international business operations. Our strategic alliances in Mauritius and Cyprus (particularly for crypto-related businesses), gives an optimal blend of strong regulatory frameworks, tax efficiencies, and confidentiality. Our experienced team navigates you through every step of the process – from creating the most suitable offshore structure to managing its operations, ensuring your business thrives in a dynamic global economy.


Meet our reliable associates who will guide you in accomplishing your global business goals.

With our strategic associations with jurisdictions like the ADGM, DIFC, RAK ICC, you’re well-positioned to turn your international vision into a successful reality.

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Creative Zone Premier opens up a world of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. Here’s a comprehensive guide into the services we offer, and the work we do for our clients.


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