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“We really appreciate the support that Michelle Camacho (Operations & Client Relations Executive) and Rebecca Vangunster (Operations & Client Relations Manager) provided us. Michelle is always very responsive, approachable and friendly that we feel that our concerns are being dealt with. A recent experience with a visa cancellation/new visa application was an example of this – there were tight timelines involved and we felt that she were very supportive in expediting this.”

Sarah Economides

“The service provided has been very good and efficient since we have had Michelle Camacho (Operations & Client Relations Executive), Harvie Aquilo (Senior Operations & Client Relations Executive) and Lourds Adalia-Evertse (Operations & Client Relations Director) as contacts for both of our companies. The reply on any queries is very prompt and informative, especially from Michelle and it's a pleasure to deal with CREATIVE ZONE.”

Martine Chetnik

“We've been licensed through CREATIVE ZONE for four years and I wanted to give full credit to Brian Cotaoco (Senior Operations & Client Relations Executive). It is a pleasure to deal with him as he deals with all of our queries in such a swift and professional manner. I'm sure he's extremely busy and juggling a number of clients but he always comes back to us quickly and answers all of our questions patiently and with a smile. He's a real credit to you and makes such a difference when you are a busy business owner.”

Kelly Harvarde

“Rebecca Vangunster (Operations & Client Relations Manager) and Ian Morallos (Operations & Client Relations Executive) have been quick and efficient. I would like to congratulate you for the wonderful spirit and energy of the people at CREATIVE ZONE. From the day of creation of my company I have always felt in confidence with reliable people at CREATIVE ZONE. I will not hesitate to keep on recommending you to my business relations.”

Philippe Brasseur Kermadec

“Ian Morallos (Operations & Client Relations Executive) is a commendable support in every step of our setup journey through CREATIVE ZONE. As a first timer we love 'the customer first' attitude working with us patiently as our very own consultant explaining us the pros & cons the best practices and feasible suggestions that will save us time and hassle. We look forward to a long cherishing and successful journey with CREATIVE ZONE. We will definitely recommend CREATIVE ZONE 100% for start ups as we believe 'Time is Money' so best to have an expert help us.”

Fauzan Mulla

“Everything went smoothly and Ian Morallos (Operations & Client Relations Executive) was always available to give help and advice to us. Everything was prepared in advance in order to allow us to enter UAE and get residence visa very easily. Leo Ratuiste (Company Driver & PRO) was also very efficient and friendly. I will strongly recommend CREATIVE ZONE to anyone who wants to set up a company in the UAE.”

Alessandro Malandra & Sebastien Rogge

“Having dealt with PRO's in the region since 1981, I can honestly state that working with CREATIVE ZONE removes a lot of the stress in dealing with PRO related issues. CREATIVE ZONE was involved in the incorporation of Lorient Gulf in February 2016 and we have worked with them ever since. We consider them to be professional and systematic in working with us to meet our statutory requirements. Our relationship contacts, Michelle Camacho (Operations & Client Relations Executive) and Brian Cotaoco (Senior Operations & Client Relations Executive), are proactive in their guidance and service. More importantly their excellent communication skills and complete understanding of the service they provide means that delivery of our requirements is carried out smoothly. We would have no hesitation recommending CREATIVE ZONE as the "go to" corporate services provider.”

Michael Lumsden

“I am impressed with the excellent level of service from CREATIVE ZONE, so far - from Alistair Paine (Business Setup Advisor) to start with and now the support team, thank you all and hopefully, I will continue to be a happy client.”

Prashant Kumar

“I would like to compliment Krisandra Czarina (Operations & Client Relations Executive) & Pratik Rawal (Senior Business Setup Manager) for their assistance. They were a pleasure to deal with. I highly appreciate their immediate responsiveness and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Thank you for all the help. I have had a fantastic experience working with the team at CREATIVE ZONE.”

Ali Ebrahim

“As Scandinavia´s leading magazine in the tourist- and visiting sector we decided to venture into UAE to promote it as a great, fun and happy place to visit, both as a tourist and business traveller. Going online to check for a reliable business facilitator we found CREATIVE ZONE and sent a request on setting up our company in UAE. From the first contact with Connor Hayes at CREATIVE ZONE we experienced their services above and beyond our wishes. Mr. Hayes and his team of very professional people helped us every step of the way setting up our company and we are so grateful for all his assistance and knowledge. We got everything in place in just a couple of days and now we are operating a successful company thanks to Connor Hayes and CREATIVE ZONE. I can strongly recommend anybody wanting to do business in UAE to rely on the correct and swift assistance of CREATIVE ZONE.”

Paer Ola Sjoesten
Go! Dubai Magazine - CEO/President