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“Mahesh (Managing Director), Raquel (Business Setup Director) - a quick message to tell you how great is your team. Thanks for your welcome.”

Alexandre Drubigny
Bushido - CEO

“Dear Mahesh (Managing Director), I would just like to send my sincere thanks to you and your amazing team for all the assistance I have received during the past 6 months. In particular Farooq (Operations and Administration Executive) for always being there to guide and assist me in the setting up of my company. Mariben (Senior Operations & Client Relations Manager), for stepping into Farooq's shoes while he was on holiday and last but not least Shahid (Senior Manager - Government & Admin Services) for achieving the impossible when it came to securing my children's visa's. I am truly thankful to the team for all their support”

Fiona Coutts
Imagining the Future - Consultant

“Dear Lourds (Operations & Client Relations Director), A quick note to thank everyone for helping me get the dependents visa out so quickly. I currently have a challenging travel schedule - so the ability to get the visa in 1 day yesterday (special thanks to both Farooq (Operations and Administration Executive) and Altaf (Operations and Administration Executive) for their efforts helping in this regard) has made my life much simpler and easier. Hopefully we can finalize everything else in early January. Kind regards”

Lloyd Williams
Desert Capital - Founder & Managing Partner

“Hi Everyone at CREATIVE ZONE, The service that I have received has been World Class and I couldn't fault any of it! Since my initial enquiry on your website I was not once harassed from Sales people unlike your competitors who are still calling and emailing me now. 'Andy' (Business Development Manager) sent me all of the information that needed to make my own decision and he was always there to answer any queries that I had. 'Mariben' (Senior Operations & Client Relations Manager) literally bent over backwards to make sure that my company, Visa's and Driving License were all completed well within the promised timescales. My best experience was that from 'Altaf' (Operations and Administration Executive) and his assistant today. They did everything in their power to push through my driving licence in just 3 hours!! I have never experienced customer service at this level. I look forward to continuing to work with CREATIVE ZONE in the future. Many thanks to everyone involved in helping me, Thank you.”

Lyndon Modeste
SL Consultancy - Director

“Vivian (Operations & Client Relations Manager), That is great news! Thank you so much for all your efforts on this. I especially appreciate the help from the Fujairah team. Altaf (Operations and Administration Executive) and company worked very hard in the few days that I was there to get all the visa's processed under a very tight deadline. Thank you all once again and a special thanks to Mahesh (Managing Director) for putting this into overdrive! You can definitely count on me as a reference for your services and I will certainly recommend you to anyone who is looking to set up in the UAE. Well done.”

Karim Punja
Satchu & Associates - Sales Representative

“Dear Lourds (Operations & Client Relations Director), First of all I want to greet you, your family and your whole team a Merry Christmas & Happy new year!!! Also this is to thank you for the non stop support in our company we really appreciate the efforts that you and your team are providing us. I wanted also to thank Altaf (Operations and Administration Executive) & the PRO for the great job that they did in Fujairah immigration on processing my daughter's exit pass they did their best to have it. Today I'll be sending my EJARI tenancy contract and my passport, visa page to Dubai office please kindly send to Fujairah for the processing of the visa. Again... Thank you.”

Wyndi Christian Baron
Luminous Events - Executive Director

“Dear CREATIVE ZONE Team, Trust & believe you all had a fantastic 2012 , and wishing you all the best for a prosperous & successful 2013. In year 2012 , I have taken the service of CREATIVE ZONE on multiple occasions , and I must say your Team have provided a fine service throughout the year whenever it was required . There were no delay, no trouble & works were accomplished even before the estimated time lines. I must appreciate the efforts of Mr.Shahid (Senior Manager - Government & Admin Services) for your Ajman Freezone works , for his promptness & sincerity towards clients and Ms.Lourds (Operations & Client Relations Director) for always being there when ever required & listening to every query with patience & solving them professionally. Your Team is definitely a part behind all our successes in 2012. Wishing you good health & look forward to receive similar services in year 2013.”

Zulkarnain Saer Khan
Insight Management Consultants - Managing Director

“Hello Mahesh (Managing Director), We met briefly a little over a month ago when I came to register my company with CREATIVE ZONE. Also, I needed an urgent visa processing since my business travels only allow me to be in Dubai for limited periods of time. My application was managed by Garry (Senior Admin Manager) and Lourds (Operations & Client Relations Director) and I wanted to let you know that this has been a great experience. I have lived in Dubai long enough to know that most companies over promise and under deliver, but in the case of CREATIVE ZONE, this was quite the opposite. Garry (Senior Admin Manager) and Lourds (Operations & Client Relations Director) have been terrific in making sure that everything was done properly, smoothly and timely and I received my trading license and visa well ahead of schedule. Getting this done in time was quite a big worry for me, in hind side unnecessarily so! I just wanted to drop you this quick note to recognize their performance and let you know that Jeannette was right in recommending CREATIVE ZONE. Well done!”

Arne Bevaart
Design by Louma - Commercial Director

“Hi Steve (Managing Director), My name is Sam, an Australian and registered SpiralClick through CREATIVE ZONE in July 2012. We met briefly while registering SpiralClick. Our experience as a CREATIVE ZONE client has been above expectations - the CREATIVE ZONE services and facilities have been truly outstanding...”

Sam Whitcombe
SpiralClick Web Technologies - President

“Hi Vivian (Operations & Client Relations Manager), Well it was quite a process to get Angela Yuen's visa issue sorted! I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you for your efforts in this regard. As usual, you carried out the involved process in a professional and efficient manner. It's very reassuring to have you on "our team" at CREATIVE ZONE. Have a good day! Regards”

David Reynolds
Free2Grow International - Operations Manager