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The DIFC Innovation Hub is a complete business ecosystem for Tech Start-ups within the prestigious DIFC jurisdiction.

Introducing the most subsidised Business License for Emerging Tech Companies!

Enjoy a 90%
Reduction in the DIFC License Fee.

Launch Your Tech Company in Dubai with a Nominal DIFC License Cost.

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About DIFC

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) holds a prominent position as the primary global financial center in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia (MEASA) region. With nearly two decades of experience, DIFC has played a pivotal role in facilitating trade and investment flows throughout MEASA, a region encompassing 72 countries and boasting a combined population of around three billion people.

 The DIFC Innovation Hub is a premier ecosystem for Tech Startups offering innovation license and DIFC fintech license in the prestigious DIFC jurisdiction. Located between Burj Khalifa and Emirates Towers, it is the perfect location for your tech startup with affordable DIFC trade license cost.

 DIFC’s strategic location acts as a vital link, connecting the markets of the MEASA region with the economies of Asia, Europe, and the Americas, all through the vibrant city of Dubai.

Apply for innovation license at DIFC and join the vibrant tech community at this prime DIFC innovation hub location with Creative Zone!

Explore Creative Zone’s All-Inclusive Tech Start-up Package in DIFC

USD 7,850


This includes

Commercial Trade License

Co-working Space with Prestigious DIFC Office Address

4 Visa Allocation

Fully Digital Onboarding Process

Access to all DIFC Amenities and Ecosystem

Same Renewal Price for 5 Years

DIFC Innovation License Requirements:

Benefits of the DIFC Tech Start-up Package

DIFC Innovation License

Applicable Business Activities

Includes firms which provide consultancy to enterprises and companies, prepare studies related to the analysis of user needs and uses computer hardware and software to provide the best solutions. This also includes the choice of software that corresponds to the company’s activities, the choice of operation specifications, the equipment and preparation of computer rooms, the preparation of purchase tender documents and offers, as well as other related services and consultancies.

Includes firms specialised in evaluating and analyzing data provided by public and private entities, and arranging these data sets into a single repository to performs structured reviews and various analyses, as well as classifying according to their common characteristics, in order to discover useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making by said entities, with the goal of improving the investment returns and optimally utilize the resources.

Includes firms specialised in offering comprehensive professional cybersecurity consultancy to other organisations on how to prepare for, avoid and protect themselves against cyber-attacks and threats, such threats might involve networks, computers, programs and data damage, unauthorized access, evaluating cybersecurity or cyber readiness to comply with regulations and reactive services, including responding to cyber breaches and recovery activities following a cyber incident.

Includes firms specialised in elaborating studies and experimental and development research related to technology businesses for conducting innovation, introduction and improvement of its products and procedures. It includes setting guidelines to enhance designing, evaluating, implementing techniques and a series of investigative activities to develop new and improve existing products and procedures.

Includes firms specialised in laying the technical foundations of the information technology, which comprises the network, the systems and the databases. It also involves firms engaged in preparing the consultative studies along with the installations of the network and the systems, manpower training is also included.

Online services equipped with databases and programmes that are fitted as a service with basic functions of the technology platform. It also could be a junction between a content provider and a user for a broad array of resources and services.

Includes firms specialised in computer systems software design, implementation, operation, and maintenance based on analyzing the user’s problems and his need for economical solution and the programs necessary for realizing such a solution, it involves designing application software designed to run on smartphones and mobile devices.

Includes firms specialised in providing the services of subscribing & connecting to international information networking as well as specialized information banks and exchange of electronic mail which includes operating systems and applications such as electronic mail and the exchange of data electronically by using communication networks as well as their local and international lines.

Includes centers or institutes specialised in elaborating studies and experimental and development researches on learning technologies to set guidelines to enhance designing, evaluating and implementing learning techniques to reach the utmost efficiency.

Includes providing computer systems analysis and software design to the facilities involved in education and training process, it involves analyzing the user’s needs and problems and offering consultancy on the best economical solution and the programs necessary for realizing such a solution, also, the software installation, testing and operation.

Includes providing technical services and consultancies with respect to information technology and applications like internet and data warehousing to enhance the administrative and technical performance in different corporations. These firms are not entitled to market or produce any of the software or products related to said technology.

Includes providing comprehensive professional consultancies to IT organisations to help them match their needs with the networking solutions, it involves securing, analyzing and designing network solutions that maintain the security and integrity of their IT assets.

Includes firms specialised in providing internet sites with contents and make them available for users.

Includes programming electronic chips used in computers or in other automatic electronic devices, which are used in industry, vehicles, household electronic appliances and electronic games.

Includes firms specialised in designing the pages of the electronic services sites, the internet is used here as infrastructure.

Includes firms specialised in drawing up the strategies of using internet technology in the commercial entities, as well as impose laying out the techniques of the practical application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DIFC Innovation License?

The DIFC Innovation License is a Commercial License with a subsidised fee structure open to all technology and innovation start-ups.

The DIFC Tech Start-up License or DIFC Innovation License is offered to a wider ecosystem of technology enablers, catering to Technology/Innovation firms interested in developing or testing new, novel, or innovative products.

The License is subsidised for a period of 5 years, at a rate of USD 1,500 per annum.

Yes, physical presence is mandatory in the DIFC. The minimum requirement for the DIFC Tech Start-up License is 1 flexi-desk (USD500+vat).

No, the DIFC client on-boarding system is fully digital, and the process is done online.

Refer to the above section that details out all the included business activities.

The process comes in two stages. The first stage is to obtain the ‘In-principle Approval’ from the Registration Review Committee, which can take around 5-7 working days.

Once you have been granted the ‘In-principle Approval’ you will be given access to second stage which is the setup of the legal entity in the DIFC. This process can take up to a day to a few days to complete as it requires you to complete the steps needed (Articles of Association, obtaining a lease, paying the fees etc.). Once completed, you will be able to submit for the Commercial License to be issued. Please note that the second stage is dependent on how fast you can finish the process.

No, there are no capital requirements for entities under the DIFC Tech Start-up License.

Yes, other fees include office space, visa costs, Data Protection and Confirmation Statement.

All DIFC companies are now required to file a confirmation statement with the DIFC Registrar of Companies at the time of license renewal. The confirmation statement will include a confirmation that all information (and any changes to such information) required to be notified to the DIFC Registrar of Companies has been so notified. 

The DIFC Tech Start-up License is only applicable to those conducting un-regulated activities.

On the first flexi-desk, you would have the eligibility to apply for up to 4 visas.

Once the entity is registered and the Commercial License is issued, you may begin the process of opening a bank account. Creative Zone team will assist you at this stage.

Yes, you can once the entity is incorporated.

The process can be done via the client portal. There is no fee associated with this service.

The DIFC Innovation License only applies to non-regulated entities which means that you cannot trade or sell your own products and conduct any financial activity. You can provide a software development, a portal, an R&D platform, etc.

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