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Day 1 - Submit duly filled application along with the supporting documents and make payment for license, immigration card and E-Channel.

Day 5 – Initial approval is obtained, all legal documents must be submitted to KIZAD for verification and notarization.

Day 6 – Trade License, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Lease Agreement and Letter to open a bank account are released by the Free Zone. Pre-approval for Establishment Card is issued.

Day 11 – Your company Establishment Card is issued

Day 12 – E-Channel registration is completed. Complete and submit the visa application forms, supporting documents, and passport photos to CREATIVE ZONE.

Note: Provide proof of minimum share capital to KIZAD.

Day 19 – Entry Permit is issued (carry out change status)

Day 20 – Proceed to a medical screening centre in Abu Dhabi.

Day 22 – Obtain medical test results and deliver the same to CREATIVE ZONE along with your original passport, Emirates ID card receipt, entry visa (with change status stamp), medical insurance certificate or card, all of which will be submitted to Immigration for residency stamping.

Day 26 – Your Passport with Residency Visa stamp is released by Immigration. A scanned copy of your residence visa will be emailed to you

Day 27 – Your Passport is available for collection at CREATIVE ZONE.


  • The above timelines correlate to working days not calendar days.
  • Applications are submitted for processing and indicated timelines commence upon realization of payment.
  • The cut-off time for documents to be submitted/received, and payments to be received/realized is 1pm, anything received after this time will be considered towards the following working day.
  • As all visa applications have to be submitted to the Free Zone and Immigration with the original forms signed by the applicant, hence all visa applications submitted to CREATIVE ZONE at any time will always be considered towards the following working day.
  • During periods in and around Ramadan, days of mourning, Eid and other National and Religious Holidays the indicated timelines are likely to become subject to delays.
  • Any overstay fines will have to be paid prior to your entry visa being issued. Furthermore, at the time of paying your overstay fines, you will incur an admin fee of AED 250.
  • For Pakistani and Afghani nationals, you will need to collect your Medical Result in Person. Prior to collecting your Medical Result, you will be required to take a Vaccination for Polio.
  • Should you be outside the country when the visa is issued, and are not from one of the 48 countries that are granted a visa on arrival, and are entering the UAE on your new entry visa, which will constitute your change of status, please be sure to contact your airline prior to travelling, as many airlines will need to see a copy of your entry visa prior to travel in order to verify the same and then upload a copy of the visa onto their system, and provide you with an ‘OK to Board’. The same would apply if you are inside the country when the visa is issued, and plan to exit the country with your visa in hand, and then re-enter the UAE by air.
  • Furthermore, when you are entering the country on your new entry visa, please ensure you carry out your eye scan at the airport on arrival, and ensure the immigration official stamps the entry visa as well as your passport. Do NOT enter on your e-gate card.
  • For certain nationalities Immigration have been known to request either an attested copy of the passport or the original passport for sighting prior to approving the issuance of the entry visa
  • The Visa process for certain nationalities may be longer than the timelines indicated above.
  • Change of status (in/out stamp) would need to be carried out prior to proceeding for your Emirates ID Card and medical examination
  • Once you complete your change of status you will NOT be able to travel outside of the UAE until your passport has been stamped with your residency visa.
  • If you have lost/surrendered your Emirates ID and don't have a copy of both sides, kindly submit a copy of your passport with the previous visa and 1 passport sized photo to an authorized Emirates ID Authority Typing Centre. They will then forward the same to the Emirates ID Authority with a request to obtain your previous Emirates ID Card number which will be required in order to type the Emirates ID Card renewal application. The response time for obtaining the previous Emirates ID Card number from the Emirates ID Authority normally takes less than 1 business day.
  • Please note that we are legally obliged to keep the applicant notified of all steps and progress reports concerning their visa process and release the visa and passport directly to them unless they instruct us otherwise. We will not be able to release the passport or visa to anyone else, including the company owner/s, unless expressly directed to do so by the applicant.
  • A UAE MOFA attested degree will be required if the position applied for on the visa is Managerial or any other higher position. This will also be applicable to Shareholders, Directors & Manager on the license.